Lost Ark Can Come To Consoles If “Fans Really Want”

Having witnessed phenomenal success on PC in the past couple of months of its western release, developer Smilegate RPG may just “consider” releasing Lost Ark on consoles but only if there is significant demand.

Speaking with VG247 in a recent interview, publisher Amazon Games’ franchise lead Soomin Park noted that there is definitely “an opportunity for Lost Ark to establish itself as a major player, as proven by the amount of success the game has seen so far” since landing on Steam.

Considering the success Diablo 3 enjoyed on consoles, Lost Ark could too fill that void on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Neither Smilegate RPG nor Amazon Games has hinted any such plans to be in the making but will be keeping an open mind going forward.

“If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it’s something both parties would consider!” said Park.

Amazon Games currently has its hands full with adding more servers to cater to a growing number of players, while also working to release the game in more regions. Park explained that “a matter of publishing rights” can slow down the goal of a worldwide release, let alone consider supporting new platforms such as consoles.

“Smilegate RPG is the developer of the game and owns the IP, while Amazon Games is in partnership with Smilegate RPG as a publisher for the game in the West,” said Park.

“This partnership allows us to bring the game to select regions in North America, Europe, Oceania, and South America, but does not allow us to publish the game globally or in all regions where it has not previously been available.”

In another recent interview, Park confirmed that Smilegate RPG is currently working on a post-launch content roadmap that will “quickly” catch up to the Korean version in terms of content. He however cautioned that there will always be a few “variations” between the eastern and western variations of Lost Ark.

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