Lost Ark Chaos Gate Guide

For those looking to make a ton of gold and get ahold of sweet, rare loot at the same time will need to head over to the Chaos Gate in Lost Ark. The following guide will explain just how Chaos Gates works in Lost Ark and what benefits you get from completing them.

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

Chaos Gate is an event that happens randomly and rewards secret maps that can be sold for a huge amount of money. If it appears for you, make sure you do it as you never know when the next chance will be. On top of that, you can only do a Chaos Gate even once a day on your roster.

The event is best known for dropping rare Secret Maps that mark locations on the map where players can find hidden treasures.

To check for Chaos Gate event detail, click on the compass icon on your screen to bring up a menu with lots of events. One of the events will be the Chaos Gate event and you will be able to see when it starts and learn more about it.

You can also check the location of the event from the same menu and arrive there before the event starts. The event marker will display on the map 10 minutes before it starts.

You will enter the event with three other players and go through mini-bosses. Completing the Chaos Gate event after defeating all of the mini-bosses will give you a Secret Map and Rift Pieces.


How to Get and Use Secret Maps

Secret Maps are dropped at the end of the event, but these are luck-based as you might receive it or not. It is also random that what rarity of Secret Map you get.

Once you have the Secret Map, you can either trade them for gold or use them to find the spot where the hidden treasure is and get the loot.

If you decide to go on a treasure hunt, it is recommended to find other players with the same rarity Secret Map so that you get triple the number of rewards than usual. Make sure that you and your teammate’s Secret Maps are the same or it will not count towards your progress.

Rift Pieces

You are also awarded Rift Pieces for successfully going through the event and completing it. These Rift Pieces can be exchanged with Secret Maps from the merchants selling Secret Maps in the Library.

These merchants will be found in a library of any area of the map. But, the tier of the Secret Map that you get will depend on the tier level of the area that you are in.

It is better to go to a Tier 2 area to get much better Secret Maps with more chances of getting better loot.

Auctioning and Selling Secret Maps

Another choice that you have with the Secret Map is that you can sell it to other players for the value they are going for.

For this, you need to know the current market value of the map and then sell it to other players for that amount.

Auctioning for the Legendary Secret Map takes place when the event ends. You are able to bid for the Legendary Secret Map and the highest bidder gets to take the Secret Map with him.