Lost Ark Caspiel World Boss Location Guide

This guide will help you find the world boss Caspiel in Lost Ark by outlining its exact location.

A lot of bosses in the world of Lost Ark are harder to find than beating them. This guide will help you find the world boss Caspiel in Lost Ark by outlining its exact location.

Lost Ark Caspiel World Boss Location

Caspiel is a world boss in Lost Ark and is found in Rocky Forest Hill in the region of Skyreach Steppe, Tortoyke. The area surrounding Caspiel is filled with monsters, but they won’t aggro until you attack them, so you can simply ignore them when focusing on the boss.

You can find Caspiel at the location shown below:

How to Defeat Caspiel in Lost Ark

Caspiel is a level 39 giant rock monster and respawns every 30 minutes. Caspiel has 23 life bars and total HP of 1,967,454.

If you face him and fail to defeat him before 30 minutes, he will regain his full health and that can be a huge problem for you, so make sure you know when you are about to face him that you have ample time before his reset.

As for most of the world bosses, the best strategy to approach them is in a group. Soloing these bosses can be difficult as they have huge health bars.

Approaching Caspiel at level 40 will result you dying to him in 3-4 attacks, so we recommend coming for the boss after at least level 45 and bringing a healer.

Caspiel is slow and you can avoid his attack if you don’t get too greedy. In one of his attacks, Caspiel will roll over on his back.

This is the best moment to use your strongest attacks as he will get back on his feet after some time and you can guarantee almost any attack you throw at him.

Defeating Caspiel gives you the following loot:

  • Three pieces of epic gear
  • An Epic Accessory
  • A treasure map
  • An eternity essence
  • A Card of Caspiel
  • Entry in the adventure book for Caspiel
  • Chance to get Shattered Dip and Pour Bowl

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