Lost Ark Boss Rush Guide

Lost Ark gives players an opportunity to take part in Boss Rush when they reach level 50. The following guide will provide all the details you need to know before playing the Boss Rush event.

Lost Ark Boss Rush

Boss Rush is a tier-2 event in Lost Ark that pits players against 15 random bosses in a dungeon. You might have fought some of those bosses, but you can also expect new ones thrown in as well. Take note that the bosses must be defeated within a given time limit.

Some of these bosses might be new to you. You must defeat a random boss in a given time limit.

Boss Rush has a specific time limit in which you have to defeat a particular boss. If the timer expires, the rush ends and you will have to start over.

  • 1m per wave(Stage 1-4)
  • 1m 30s per wave(Stage 5-9)
  • 2m 30s per wave(Stage 10-15)

Boss Rush will start raising its difficulty ceiling as you move forward. Hence, do your best to stay alive because dying will only mean a waste of time and precious resources.

Lost Ark Boss Rush Location

You need to obtain an entrance ticket to participate in Boss Rush. The tickets can be obtained from Chaos Dungeons or Guild Exchange Vendors. You must also meet the item level requirements, which are 802 for Hall of Silence and 1302 for Hall of the Sun.

You can enter Boss Rush through the Boss Rush entrance statue in any major city. It’s usually close to the Cube or the Tower.


Below is a list of all the rewards you’ll receive after completing Boss Rush in Lost Ark:

  • Life Leap Stone (2), Soul Leaf Card(Stage 1-3)
  • Hall of Silence Reward Chest 1, Soul Leaf Card(Stage 4-6)
  • Hall of Silence Reward Chest 2, Soul Leaf Card(Stage 7-10)
  • Hall of Silence Reward Chest 3, Eternity Essence Card(Stage 11-15)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 1, Honor Leap Stone(Stage 1-5)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 2, Honor Leap Stone(Stage 6-8)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 3, Great Honor Leap Stone(Stage 9-10)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 4, Great Honor Leap Stone(Stage 11)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 5, Great Honor Leap Stone(Stage 12-14)
  • Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 6, Great Honor Leap Stone(Stage 15)

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