How to Get Book Of Demons in Lost Ark

Smilegate’s Lost Ark is a game that provides its players with a massive world to explore, fight, and horde collectibles. Since this is an open-world game, players can acquire plenty of collectibles. Book of Demons is one of them. This guide will tell you how to get the Book of Demons in Lost Ark and its use.

How to Get Book of Demons in Lost Ark

There is only one merchant that sells this book, NAPHTA. However, you will need to learn his location first. NAPHTA is found in the Flowering Orchards region of East Luterra.

Once you find him, you can purchase the Book of Demons from him. It will cost you 250 shillings, but if you want to sell it, it sadly will earn you 13 silvers. This cannot be traded off or dismantled.

Book of Demon Uses

The use of this book is still ambiguous as the contents written in it are in very ancient language (not understandable). The players that have already acquired it are confused about its use.

Some of them think there is a quest in the same particular region where you will need this book. Some say that it’s just a waste of money as it is of no use apart from taking your inventory space.

So, the use of this book is not unfolded or known for now, but we are pretty sure that in the future, with the update, we will definitely know its purpose. For now, it is useless, simple as that.

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