Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide

Alberhastic Guardian Raid is one of the most enthralling raids in Lost Ark. It includes the best rewards, exciting mechanics, and a boss with loads of HP. This Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid covers all the mechanics, skills, combat items, and everything else that you need to know to defeat Alberhastic.

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guardian Raid

This raid is quite difficult because the guardian appears in various forms along with loads of HP. Players also do not have any major weakness to exploit, so they need to be quite skillful to beat this raid.

The Alberhastic guardian appears in five different forms including one normal form, two claw forms (that are melee type) and two flying forms.

Each form comes with a unique one-shot mechanic that the players should remember while going for the raid. The boss changes its forms randomly when you traverse from one area to another or when you face him.

Alberhastic Raid Best Combat Items

Healing Potion: This item usually works well for every raid, so it surely will be useful during this raid as well.

Panacea: Used to cancel out the debuff caused due to Red Orb.


The Scarecrow: Helps the players to bring the boss closer and absorb damage being received by the player.

Impairment Grenades: Allows you to take away impairment protection from the boss, thus leaving it more vulnerable to your attacks.

Alberhastic Raid Mechanics

There are quite a few interesting interactions that you need to be aware of in the Alberhastic Guardian Raid. If you’re caught off guard and don’t understand the mechanics, you’ll easily be one shot

Red and Blue Orbs

Red Orbs that appear beside the boss are important to observe. If they aren’t destroyed in time, Alberhastic will gobble them up and increase its powers and abilities.

Now, the boss will be able to kill you with one hit by even using the basic abilities. So, they are quite dangerous and must be destroyed as soon as you see them appearing beside the boss.

If players use Panacea to put an end to the debuff caused by Red Orbs on their character and gobble up the Blue Orbs that appear after destroying the Red Orbs, they can cancel out the effect caused by next hit from the boss. So, it can be useful to avoid damage coming from powerful attacks.

Silver/Gold Orbs

The Guardian boss will try to kill you with a single hit with its Silver or Gold AoE attack. This is, however, highly telegraphed and you can either get away from it by running out of range or getting hit by a specific-colored orb.

Alberhastic will flash either a silver or gold colored circle underneath him indicating that this attack is coming. After that, he will spawn silver and gold colored orbs.

What’s important now is that you need to get hit by the orb which has the opposite color to what the boss flashed. If he flashes silver, get hit by the gold orb and if he flashes gold, get hit by the silver orb.

Getting hit by the opposite-colored orb protects you from Alberhastic’s incoming one hit kill attack. If you don’t get an orb in time, run away! Also, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t get hit by the same colored orb twice; this causes a stun.

Faint-Blue Aura

Players will see this appearing when the Guardian tends to recharge or convert from one form to another. Players should be careful and observe this carefully, so they can collaborate with their team members to eliminate its effects.

You can make use of combat item Grenade to impair Faint-Blue Aura or skills can also be useful to eliminate its effect.

If you couldn’t impair it within 20 seconds, then the Guardian can one-shot you quite easily. Other combat items like Scarecrow and impairment bombs are quite useful in this scenario.

Blue Tornados

The boss will perform this mechanic only when he is in flying form. Although it is quite damaging, one can avoid this move easily by moving away as soon as it appears.

Avoiding the tornadoes when they first appear is vital as you will need to purposely get hit by one of these later!

So, once the tornadoes appear, wait for Alberhastic to perform his next attack from the air. This attack can one-shot you but can be avoided by jumping into a tornado! The tornado will blow you up and make you avoid the incoming attack.

Do note that if you get hit by a tornado before Alberhastic performs his attack, the tornado won’t carry you up the second time. This is because getting hit by the tornado applies a debuff that prevents you from being carried up again.

Either clear this debuff or don’t get hit by the tornadoes when they spawn and wait for Alberhastic’s airborne attack.

So, this is all for the Alberhastic Guardian raid guide. You should try it multiple times if you lose once as it is quite difficult and cannot be necessarily beaten in the first attempt

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