Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Guide

Abyssal Dungeons are higher-leveled dungeons of Lost Ark that contain tier 2 loot like ability stones, engraving books, cards and other accessories. Alaric’s Sanctuary is the fifth Abyssal Dungeon that players will be looking to complete in the game. The following guide will explain everything about Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon

Since Alaric’s Sanctuary is a tier 2 abyss dungeon, in order to enter the Alaric’s Sanctuary dungeon, you will require a party of four players where each of them has an item level of 960+.

In addition to several tier 2 items, Alaric’s Sanctuary abyssal dungeon also drops materials that are required to craft Unyielding Will Greatsword and Mute Guardian Greatsword.

The Alaric dungeon is the 3rd Abyssal dungeon of water type and is the most difficult one of all. You will have to face three different bosses who are really strong and hit quite hard. These bosses have been explained below.

Alaric’s Sanctuary First Boss

When the fight starts, your party will be split into two with each party fighting against two different bosses. One party will go up against Shark boss, while the other against the Siren boss.

The first boss has a lot of special tricks up his sleeves. During the fight, a circle will appear above all team members.

This showcases the state of air around you. If you get hit with yellow attacks, it will reduce immediately.

Make sure to refill the bubble by standing on spots with bubbles, as running out of breath will deal you really high damage each second. Refill sites are few and take a long time to respawn. So only engage with the plants if you have less than 50% of your air remaining.

In one of the attacks, the Siren will spawn a poison puddle around you and if you come in contact with it, you will take damage. Make sure to remove the parasite of the puddle.

Alaric’s Sanctuary Second Boss

The second boss is a bit easier compared to the first Alaric’s Sanctuary boss. However, beware of one of his attacks as it can wipe the whole team if you are not careful of it.

When this boss will lose four HP bars, he will slam attack the ground and then target one of the team members. The targeted member will get marked by an arrow.

Make sure that you work together in defending the marked member and attack him as well otherwise the team member as well.

In this fight, your objective is to destroy the four pillars in the arena. However, the fight will get harder after the destruction of each pillar.

The boss also has an attack in which he will start swinging clockwise. Make sure to dodge this attack and move out of its path.

Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Third Boss

The final boss of Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss dungeon is the toughest of them all. This boss has multiple attacks which can wipe your whole team in one go.

Something else of importance is that this boss can freeze players in their tracks, making it harder to dodge incoming blows.

The best way to defeat the third boss is to use incapacitating techniques against him. Use Whirlwind grenade is a good option to incapacitate him and then damage him.

One of the boss’ attack is Safe Spot, in which it will teleport to the middle of the arena and then fire a giant wave of attacks that can kill you in one hit. During this attack, make sure to move into safe spots that spawn during this attack.

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