Lost Ark Aiwana Island Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

The following guide will show you where to find all the Mokoko Seeds on the Aiwana Island in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Aiwana Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are a whopping 1200 Mokoko Seeds currently available in Lost Ark and collecting them is a simple process. Head up to a Mokoko Seed and press G to collect it. Simple as that! Finding them though, can be tricky.

Aiwana Island is located north of Luterra, and you must collect its Mokoko Seeds to complete this island. Fortunately, the Island only has three Mokoko Seeds that you have to collect.
Read on to learn about all Mokoko Seed locations on Aiwana Island in Lost Ark.

Mokoko Seed Location #1
Head to the marked location to find the first Mokoko Seed on Aiwana Island. The seed can be found ahead of you, slightly to the left.

It’s right next to the rocky structure there, and it’s hard to miss, so you’ll have no trouble finding it.

Mokoko Seed Location #2
The second Mokoko Seed in Aiwana Island, like the first, is quite simple to locate. It can be found in the northern part of the island. The exact location is marked on the map.

Simply walk to the marked location and you’ll find yourself in shallow water with a rocky structure to your right.¬†Turn right here to get to the other side of the structure.

There, beneath two palm trees, is the second Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seed Location #3
The third Mokoko Seed is by far the easiest one to locate. It is found right next to the second one. After grabbing the second Mokoko Seed, take a few steps east to find the third Mokoko Seed.

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