Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid Guide

To help you out with defeating the Achates Guardian Raid boss, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you...

To help you out with defeating the Achates Guardian Raid boss, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through the entire raid and showing you how to defeat the Achates Guardian in Lost Ark by countering each one of its moves.

Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid

Achates is the final Raid level 3 Guardian in Lost Ark. To start the Achates Guardian raid, you first need to be level 50 and have an item level of 920.

You can start this raid by first completing the Chaos Dungeon guide quest if you meet these requirements. After that, head to North Vern and finish the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest.”

Now, head to the Red Flag in whatever city you’re currently in (you can find its location on the minimap) and queue up for a Guardian Raid.

Once the raid starts, you’ll have to first defeat the Level 1 and Level 2 boss before you can fight Achates.

How to Defeat Achates in Lost Ark

Now that you know where you can find Achates let’s go over the moveset of Achates during the Guardian Raid and what you need to do to counter each move.


Achates can only perform this attack when he is enraged. With this attack, he first collects energy, pulling in nearby players while doing so, and then unleashes a powerful attack that can one-shot players.

To counter this attack, simply run away as soon as Achates starts charging up and make sure to avoid the orbs of light.

Stone Statuses

Achates usually performs this attack once he’s lost 20% of his health. With this attack, he teleports to the middle of the arena and becomes invincible.

He then spawns 1, 2 r 4 Stone Statues around him. He will then start destroying the statues, and they will drop yellow, green, and blue stones. Once that happens, Achates will surround himself with a shield with one of the three colors.

When he performs this attack, quickly move towards the middle of the arena, where Achates is. When he puts up the shield, you need to pick up a stone with the same color as the shield and throw the stone at it to destroy it.

Do note that the stones disappear after a few seconds. When you destroy the first shield, it will restore itself and possibly change colors, and the Stone Statues will respawn.

So, you’ll have to destroy the shield once more. If you do so successfully, the guardian’s shield will be destroyed, exposing its wings.

You can then attack its wings using Combat Items and Skills with the Weak Point affix, and the wings will be destroyed.


With this attack, Achates curses two players, which will be indicated by a blue or red icon above the players’ heads. To remove the curse, the players need to stay close to each other for a few seconds.

If they fail to do so, the player with the red curse will take damage over time until they die.

Power Up

With this attack, Achates pulls energy into its wings, allowing it to use wing attacks subsequently. This is the most punishable attack of the guardian as, while charging, Achates is completely open to attacks.

So when you see him powering up, immediately run into him and deal as much damage as you possibly can.


While enraged, Achates periodically lets out roars, applying a stack-able Attack Power debuff. To avoid getting the debuff, you need to stagger the guardian as soon as he starts to roar using skill and Combat Items that have the Stagger affix.


Achates slams on the ground, spawning X-shaped rifts below and around him. He then slams again, which causes the rifts to blow up.

To dodge this attack, simply stand away from the cracks in the ground. Note that if he performs this attack during the enraged state, he will slam multiple times.

Wing Attack

Achates flaps his wings, knocking up and dealing damage to players below him. Keep in mind that after he does this attack once, there’s a chance that he turns around and does it again.

While enraged, Achates will do a full 360 spin while flapping multiple times. To avoid the attack, simply just run as far away from his as you can.

Flying Charge

Achates flies straight towards a specific player, knocking down everyone in its path. If the guardian disappears when he reaches said player, it means that it will perform this attack once more right after.

You need to roll away at the perfect time to dodge the first attack. For the second one, wait 2 seconds and dodge perpendicularly to the flight path of Achates.


Achates breathes on a target, applying the Scorch debuff on them. To avoid the attack, simply just dodge to the left or right.

If you get hit by the fire breath, you’ll get a stackable Scorch debuff. This debuff not only deals with damage over time but also reduces healing.

But that’s not the worst part. If a player gets 4 stacks of this debuff, they get covered in a flame that deals damage to any nearby allies and applies the Scorch debuff on them.

This can cause a massive chain reaction which can take your whole team down in an instant. So to avoid it, you and your allies need to keep track of this debuff. For example, if you or your ally gets 4 Scorch stacks, they need to immediately run far away from the rest of the team to survive.

Scorch Mark

Achates surrounds 2 players with a light circle. Inside the circle, a small light appears and slowly becomes smaller until it makes contact with the player. When that happens, a flame spawns below the player.

This flame applies the Scorch debuff to player nearby and deals damage over time. If you get hit with this attack, you need to run far away from your teammates to make sure everyone survives.

Light Field

Achates shoots out light hails in a circular area around him. Within the circle, empty spaces are highlighted right before the hail hits the ground. To dodge the attack, you need to stand in these empty spaces.

Light Explosions

Achates summons two or three waves of Light explosions around itself or a player. You need to dodge away right after the first wave happens if it happens around you.

Once you’ve defeated the Achates Guardian, you’ll be rewarded with some very valuable items.

The rewards will include the following items:

  • Cards
  • Runes
  • Engraving Books
  • Tier 2 Upgrade Materials, Ability Stones, and Accessories