How To Get Vestige Seeds In Lords of the Fallen

Save yourself time and lives by creating checkpoints.

Vestige Seeds are consumables in Lords of the Fallen that let you create temporary fast travel points around the Umbral Realms.

They also come with additional features such as letting you level up, join multiplayer events, and rest to regain your health.

The fact is that LotF can be a bit overwhelming to navigate, especially for new players. You are likely to get lost, which is where Vestige Seeds come to your aid to let you keep track of locations you want to revisit without going through a labyrinth of twists and turns.

There are several ways to get Vestige Seeds in LotF, starting with the option of buying them from a special merchant. This is the quickest, albeit expensive, method.

Vestige Seed merchant location in Lords of the Fallen

Where to buy Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen?

Vestige Seeds can be purchased from a merchant NPC by the name of Molhu in the Umbral Realm. Molhu is a cheeky merchant and has kept himself incognito in a small room full of pillars inside the Skyrest Bridge checkpoint.

From the main hall of Skyrest Bridge checkpoint, take the stairs on the left that lead to the small room full of pillars and interact with Molhu to purchase the Vestige Seeds for 2500 Vigor a piece.


Finding Molhu can be a bit of a hassle in the beginning as you’ll be required to slay the first boss in Lords of the Fallen called Pieta and unlock the Skyrest Bridge checkpoint.

How to farm Vestige Seeds in LotF

If spending Vigor isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always kill enemy bosses or tougher foes to get a hold of some Vestige Seeds.

Enemy bosses such as Sinners and Ruiners tend to drop Vestige Seeds all the time. It is important to know that you can only carry a maximum of five Vestige Seeds, so be certain where to spend your seeds to create new checkpoints.

If you’re looking to go on a farming journey consider planting a seedling in areas such as the Forsaken Fen as there are higher chances of elite enemies spawning.

Killing elite enemies such as the Reapers and Fliers will drop vestige Seeds. You can rinse and repeat the process by heading back and forth respawning the map to farm as many Vestige Seeds as you want.

Players have, furthermore, pointed out that Vestige Seeds can also be found as rare loot during your exploration of the Realms of Lords of the Fallen. While exploring make sure to scout for any loot available to get your hands on some more Vestige seeds.

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