Lords of the Fallen Treasure Chambers Locations ‘Treasure Left Alone Guide

Lords of the Fallen has been out for a while now and people are adventuring through the game world trying to get all the achievements and trophies for their digital collection.

While some can be pretty easy and straightforward, there are some achievements which require a bit of extra leg work. One such achievement is “Treasure left alone” for 15 Gamerscore or a Bronze trophy

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Lords of the Fallen Treasure Chambers Locations

The achievement/trophy (lets continue to call it trophy for simplicity’s sake) requires players to loot all treasure chambers. Sounds simple enough but it’s pretty easy to miss out on. So what exactly are treasure chambers?

Well, they are portals which lead players to treasure chests and they can be easily missed since they require a bit of backtracking. Well thankfully we have a guide for you.

Treasure Chamber #1
Location: The first treasure chamber portal becomes available as soon as players kill the First Warden. Once the boss is dead, players have to back track to the starting tutorial area instead of proceeding further. The portal will be easily accessible in the area.

Treasure Chamber #2
Location: The second portal becomes available once players kill the Infiltrator. Once she is dead, players have to backtrack to the previous checkpoint, the one just before the boss fight and the portal should be there.

Treasure Chamber #3
Location: The third and final treasure chamber portal unlocks once the Annihilator is dead. A staircase outside the boss room should lead players to the checkpoint, opposite of which is the treasure portal.

Players need to enter each portal, interact with the treasure chests, loot the items and then exit the portal for the progress to be counted towards the trophy.

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