Lords of the Fallen Secret Areas Locations Guide

Like every Action RPG out there, Lords of the Fallen is also filled with numerous secret locations.

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Lords of the Fallen Secret Areas Locations

Loot in these locations vary and given how frustrating it can be to find these locations sometimes, a lot of players might even opt out of looking for them at all.

Well thankfully, this guide will help you find them. All the known locations so far will be listed with their region as well as loot.


Secret Location #1
When the players first start the game in a room, they need to climb some stairs and turn left to come up on a pile of rubble. The rubble can be climbed after which they need to jump up on a ledge and proceed through the hallway in front of them.

One more jump is required before they will come up on a locked door. They key for this door can be found in one of the towers before fighting the second boss, Commander.

The chest gives Shard of Heroes as loot.

Secret Location #2
After defeating the First Warden, players need to make their way down some stairs until they reach an area with 2 doors. There will be two enemies in one of these rooms which can be killed easily.

Once they are a dead, players have to destroy two bookshelves in the left corner of the room. These shelves can be destroyed to reveal a gate behind them.

Players can roll under the gate to loot the chest behind it for an Empty Bottle.

Secret Location #3
In the room with the wounded monks, there is a breakable wall on the left side.

Secret Location #4
In the Planeterium room, players can head towards the left side of the lower floor until they reach a pressure plate.

Players need to activate their decoy on this plate which will hold the plate down while they run towards the other side and pass through a gate.

There will be a door on the opposite left end of the room they just entered.

Citadel Exterior

Secret Location #5
After fighting the Commander, players will come up on a path where the right leads to the cemetery and the left leads to the back entrance of the Citadel.

They need to take the left path until they reach a door with a scratch on the wall nearby. The wall can be smashed by using a Shield Dash to reveal a loot chest behind it.

Secret Location #6
There will be an archway near the back entrance of the Citadel with a Rogue hiding near it.

Once the rogue is dead, players can use the Southern Trench Key (which they will receive later in the game) on the door nearby and head downstairs to take a U-turn that will lead them to a breakable wall with a chest behind it.


Secret Location #7
After passing through the Well of Death and The Pit, players will come upon a locked door on the left side of the hall.

Secret Location #8
After entering the Catacombs area with the key given by Yetka players will find two arguing monks near some cells. The first cell on the left needs to be opened and it is occupied by two enemies.

Once they are both dead, players have a choice to turn right and go to the Checkpoint or turn left to move deeper into the Catacombs.

There will be an ambush waiting for them if they turn left. In a corridor further down the path, players can see two doors. While the left door is unlocked and can be used normally, the right one is locked and needs to be opened through a pressure plate in a circular hall nearby.

The hall has some enemies so players should kill them first. Once the enemies are dead, players can use their decoy on the pressure plate and go back to the two doors.

Entering through the right door will now lead them to a chest containing Bloodlust.

Secret Location #9
Sven’s Hammer can be found as soon as players enter the area using the key from Yetka. They have to go towards a giant statue and open a cell doors. One of the cells will have a purple light inside and a wall inside this cell can be broken.

Secret Location #10
In the cellar of the Catacombs there is a grave and an audio log which mentions an extremely powerful weapon that also weakens its user. Once the audio log is finished, players can interact with the grave to loot the weapon.

Don’t forget to share any other secret location you have come across by commenting below!

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