How To Get The Pilgrim’s Perch Key In Lords Of The Fallen

Open thy door!

The Pilgrim’s Perch Key is one of several keys in Lords of the Fallen that allows you to access locked and secret areas.

LotF features a complex map with some areas feeling like labyrinths. You will not be able to explore every nook and cranny from the get-go. Several locations have to be unlocked by different means with some doors requiring the right key.

In this guide, we will walk through how to obtain the Pilgrim’s Perch Key and how you can use it for various treasure chests and rewards.

Pilgrim’s Perch Key location in Lords of the Fallen

You will have to travel to the Skyrest Bridge and talk to Stomund. Whilst conversing with him, you can browse his inventory and purchase the Pilgrim’s Perch Key for 9500 Vigor in Lords of the Fallen.

Most players will not have the required Vigor to purchase the Key when they first meet Stomund. You will need to farm to make up for the missing Vigor.

There are many ways to farm Vigor quickly. You can farm and slay metal helmet monsters in the lower ends of Pilgrim’s Perch or keep slaying the poor spiked-head enemy repeatedly in the Bellroom.


This creature can be killed repeatedly; you get 500 Vigor as a reward for each kill so this can be a good tactic to earn Vigor quickly.

Where to use the Pilgrim’s Perch Key?

You can unlock three areas using the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Lords of the Fallen.

1. The room in the tunnel where you kill the Scourged Sister Delyth mini-boss with the flail.
Reward: This room contains a chest. Players can obtain the Sacred Resonance set here which is a set of heavy armor that grants you high protection against damage in LotF.

2. The cave below the Bellroom.
Reward: This will lead you to a prisoner platform guarded by two knights; if you can kill them or place them in a jail cell you will find an Amulet which increases your physical damage and defense.

You also obtain Warrior’s claw which can be utilized in a lot of builds.

3. Locked bell door next to Bellroom Vestige.
Reward: You will unlock an area named Bell-Rise with the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Lords of the Fallen. This comes with a cost, however.

Bell-Rise contains high-level knights, crossbowmen, and other foes. It is advised not to venture and engage in combat with them unless you are on a high level.

However, if you are successful in killing the enemies, you can get the Umberal Eye of Lorelo the Cursed as a reward.

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