How To Kill Mimic Moths In Lords Of The Fallen

Avoid mimic moths at all costs.

If there is one enemy which you are completely unable to fight in Lords of the Fallen, that is Mimic moths. The mimic moths, also known as Ravenous Fascinators in Lords of the Fallen 2, are a type of creature that tricks you into interacting with it, and once you do, it eats your character with no chance of retaliating. That is why it is important to identify and kill mimic moths before they have a chance to surprise and kill you.

As the name suggests, they are the equivalent of mimic chests in Dark Souls and come in the form of small orbs that look identical to the ones that have loot items. This design is made to trick players into interacting and then triggering a mimic moth.

How to spot Mimic Moths

There are two ways to spot mimics in Lords of the Fallen, both requiring you to pay close attention.

The item orbs are the most common item you see in the game. Players often interact with them without being cautious, which can be fatal. Mimics often turn themselves into these orbs, and if not noticed, you can accidentally kill yourself. Since mimic moths appear as item orbs, you need to be careful when interacting with orbs.

To spot the real orb from a mimic, look closely at it its light. Study the orb for a few seconds so that you can tell if it’s a mimic or not. If it is a mimic, you will see the orb’s trail move around. The trail from a regular item is always pretty much static, but the mimic item’s trail moves as if wind is affecting it.

You can see this difference between a mimic and a regular item orb in the image below


Another way to spot a mimic moth in Lords of the Fallen is to shine the Umbral Lamp over it. If you see an orb in an open area, shine the lamp on it. If you see a giant moth behind it, it is a mimic.

How to kill Mimic Moths in Lords of the Fallen

Killing a mimic is quite easy. Once you have spotted a mimic, simply use the Umbral Lamp followed by the Soulflay action. Aim your Umbral Lamp at the mimic moth, right-click towards the target, and the Soulflay will force them to show themselves and die immediately.

Don’t try to attack a mimic moth, as it will completely eat you as soon as you interact with the fake orb. There is no chance for you to fight it like other enemies, so resort to just killing them like this with the Soulflay.

Mimic Moths tend to drop useful items when they are killed. Of course, you can ignore them once you understand how to spot the fake orbs. But if you want some items, you can kill mimics pretty easily and get them. Here is the list of items you can get from killing mimics in Lords of the Fallen.

ItemTypeDescriptionDrop Rate
Charmed PawConsumableBoosts discovery rate for items.Every kill
Vestige SeedConsumableUsed to create a Vestige SeedlingEvery kill if you have less than 5 of these
Vestige MothConsumableUsed to travel to nearest Vestige point100% if you are at Vestige Seed cap
NhelaqRune TabletFor Weapon: Increase vigour gain. / Decrease physical damage. For Shield: Boosts discovery rate for items.Extremely rare drop

And that is all you need to know about the deadly mimic moths in Lords of the Fallen. Don’t forget to be cautious while interacting with an orb to avoid mistakes.

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