Lords of the Fallen Infinite Voids Locations – How to Complete, Follow Light Orbs, Loot All Chests

No one can hear you scream” trophy from Lords of the Fallen requires players to complete all Infinite Voids, 3 of them to be precise.

The portals to the void will lead players to an area with chests scattered throughout the map and players have to follow light orbs to safely reach each chest and loot the items in it.

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Lords of the Fallen Infinite Voids Locations

Successful looting and exiting through the portal is the only way to progress the trophy.

Infinite Void #1
The first portal to the void will open once players beat the second boss of the game, Commander. Once the boss is dead, the stairs will lead the players to an area where a portal will appear on their right. Heading through the portal will lead to the void area where a chest will be waiting for them.

Opening the chest will release a light orb which players need to follow, while fighting enemies in between. These enemies can be ignored but since they are pretty easy to kill, it’s a quick way to get some decent xp early game.

The floating orb leads players to another chest which can be looted. Now players have to look for another light orb floating somewhere in the middle of the area.

Upon reaching that orb, players have to step on a pressure plate after which the orb starts moving and should be followed to the next treasure chest. Once this 3rd treasure chest is open, players can just exit out through the portal.

Infinite Void #2
The second shadow realm becomes available after defeating the Beast boss. The portal is located next to the entrance of the Graveyard near the checkpoint, the same place where Kaslo was trying to open a door to the Rhogar Realm earlier.

Once through the portal, players to follow the orb of light while making sure they don’t step on the poison stone blocks. Just before reaching the chest, two enemies armed with shields will spawn. They can be killed or avoided till the chest is opened and players can loot it.

Once they have looted the chest, they can just back to the portal and exit.

Infinite Void #3
The third portal is the toughest one and unlocks after defeating the Guardian boss. Once the boss is dead, players have to head to the big arena nearby where a small entrance should be open leading to an area with a Magician and a Knight with a giant shield.

They can be killed or avoided while players look for the portal. Once the inside the portal, real challenge begins where players have to find two treasure chests.

As soon as players enter this realm, they have to look at the symbols on the floor to their right. Stepping on the top right symbol will summon the light orb which needs to be followed to a fire ring arena.

The arena has three enemies, 2 of them armed with shields and a magician who attempts to knock back players out of the arena. The shielded enemies never lower their shield so players have to flank them.

If they get knocked out of the fire ring or step out themselves, they instantly die. Once all three enemies are dead, the chest spawns. After looting the chest players have to go towards the starting area and look at the symbols on their left.

Players must remember which symbol was the first and the last here in order to solve the puzzle. If they end up opening the wrong chest, a fire demon will spawn to kill them.

Once the puzzle is done, players have to head back to the campfire and defeat the shielded enemies as well as a Tyrant. Once the Tyrant is dead, the treasure chest will spawn near the campfire.

Successful looting and exiting through the portal is required to get the trophy.

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