How To Defeat The Scourged Sister Delyth In Lords Of The Fallen

Delyth can be a pain in the backside in Lords of the Fallen especially since she can inflict bleed and holy.

The Scourged Sister Delyth is one of the many bosses you encounter during the Lords of the Fallen main storyline. She carries a flail that has the Bleed debuff on it. She also can enchant that wicked flail with Radiant buff, which can hurt a lot more.

This fight will consist of two phases; she will be painfully slow in the first phase but quickly pick up the pace in the second and start using the Radiant buffs. This article contains all the details you will need heading into this fight to prepare you for the battle ahead.

Lords of the Fallen Scourged Sister Delyth Location

The Scourged Sister Delyth can be encountered on your way to the Pilgrim’s Perch in Lords of the Fallen. You can find her just as you enter the Pilgrim’s Perch area. After you’re done with Pieta, explore the castle and meet all of the important NPCs you will see much of in the game.

This meet and greet will continue until you reach the Vestige of Chabui. Once there, climb up the scaffolding. Continue along the makeshift bridge to the other side and drop down in the holes in the floor. The fall damage is barely existent at such a height.

Drop down all the way, and you should come into an area where two low-level enemies should be waiting. Rid them both to exact your focus on Delyth. 

How to Defeat the Scourged Sister Delyth: 

The fight with Delyth consists of two phases in Lords of the Fallen. The first phase will continue until you chip away almost 40% of her health bar. After that, the second phase begins, which will be much more serious. 


Phase 1: 

delyth fight phase 1

The first phase will be quite easy, except that you will need to locate the seed which will grant Delyth her shields in Lords of the Fallen. You must take it down as fast as possible, or any damage you inflict will not be accounted for. When you enter the arena, rush down the stairs and peek right with your lamp. It will expose the seed, and you can siphon it to get things underway. 

In the first phase of the fight, Delyth will keep things simple for now. She will use combos with uppercuts, kicks, and overhead smashes. Watch out for the overhead smashes, as they are quite dangerous. Apply some Bleed Resistance Balm to resist the bleed from her flail. Parrying attacks in this fight can be a great way to hang off the mechanic. You can also take the safer approach of dodging the attacks by keeping your distance.  

Phase 2:  

delyth fight phase 2 lords of the fallen

Phase 2 is where things start getting serious. She will inflict Holy buff on her flail, making it much more dangerous. During this transformation, she will explode with an outburst of Holy energy. Make sure you’re far away to avoid taking a hit. Delyth will become more aggressive in this stage and start performing combos left right and center.  

She will start pushing the overhead smashes and dash at greater lengths. Watch out for the Rush Attack, where she will perform a two-hit combo after dashing in. The second hit will be that overhead smash we’ve consistently discussed. Avoid this hit at all costs. 

Another attack that can be performed is the Vortex. Delyth will dance around with her flail and unleash a tornado, which inflicts Radiant and Bleed damage and explodes upon contact. You can take the fight upstairs in the second stage by using the pillars as cover to protect yourself from the damage.

If you stay on the lower level, you can move out of the way. As horrific as this tornado sounds, it cannot follow you around and travels in a straight line. You will be on the back foot in the second phase anyway, as her attacks will be much more frequent.

The most probable guess is that the players will move away a lot in their defense, and Delyth can’t get enough action to satisfy her bloodthirsty needs. 

The key to getting successful hits in the second phase is to use the Soulflay mechanic of the game. You will need to rely heavily on the withering damage you can deal with this mechanic.  

Rewards for Defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth

The rewards expected after this fight are

  • Vestige Seedling 
  • Scourged Sister Flail 
  • Any piece from the Scourged Sister Armor 

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