How To Get The Crimson Rector Sword & Shield In Lords Of The Fallen

There will be bloodshed.

The Crimson Rector Sword and Shield are a reliable combo to fend off the horrors of Lords of the Fallen.

This long sword is a good candidate for an arsenal based on Pure Strength Build in LotF. Since this is a long sword, players will have to be up close to the enemies to take advantage of its capabilities.

The Crimson Rector also has a variant, The Thorned Crimson Rector Sword; both have differences which we will also be comparing.

Getting the shield is not mandatory since you can use the sword without it, but you will be losing a chance to mitigate a lot of enemy damage.

Here is what you need to do to get your hands on both the sword and shield.

Crimson Rector Sword and Shield locations in Lords of the Fallen

The Crimson Rector Sword and Shield can be both found near the Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen. Let’s start with the sword first.


Fast-travel to the Vestige of Chabui in the Sanctuary of Baptism. From there, run outside and dodge roll through some wooden barricades after taking the first right.

Locate the ladder leading down to the lower scaffolding and use it to head down. You will come across narrow edgeways and bridges. Navigate through this area carefully since enemies will try to push you off the ledge to your death.

A good tip is to not engage with them and try to run past them; although it’s better to deal with and kill the last enemy hiding in a shack near a left bend.

Then proceed to the lift and use it to go up to the new area. Continue until you cross a bridge and reach a dead end. Use the Umbral Lantern at this dead end so that you can see a platform to walk onto. Use this to cross 2 more gaps to reach a staircase.

Head up a staircase until you reach a dead end, your path will be blocked by some debris. Use Umbral here to reveal a ladder.

Climb this ladder to reach a secluded area and you will find the Crimson Rector Sword resting on a corpse near the fountain in Lords of the Fallen.

After acquiring the sword, tread backward to cross a bridge only available in the Umbral. You can also get the Skyrest Bridge Key by soulflaying the nearest corpse when you are halfway through the bridge.

An enemy resembling a reaper appears and will start pursuing you. Dodge it and use the statue on the other side of the bridge to shift out of the Umbral.

Now with the reaper avoided, head up towards the spiral staircase. You’ll find another fountain and you can obtain the Crimson Rector Shield resting on a nearby corpse in Lords of the Fallen.

You can also head up on a flight of stairs near the fountain to unlock a gate using the Skyrest Bridge Key which will lead you back to Skyrest.

Crimson Rector Sword vs. Thorned Crimson Rector Sword

The Thorned Crimson Rector is another Long Sword that can be obtained in the Lords of the Fallen. It is unlocked in a different way than the Crimson Rector Sword. You have to obtain it from Pilgrim’s Perch.

Appearances aside, there are also other differences between the swords; mostly in the combat section. We are listing them in the table below:

AttributesCrimson Rector SwordThorned Crimson Rector Sword
Attack Power135129
Block Protection (Physical)38%32%
Block Protection (Holy)29%35%
Block Protection (Fire)29%26%
Block Protection (Wither)24%27%

According to the stats, they are pretty neck and neck. The Crimson Rector Swoord takes the edge in attack power and physical block protection in Lords of the Fallen.

The Thorned Crimson Rector, however, is better in holy and wither block protection. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference and which style sits better with your style of play.

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