Lords of the Fallen Crashes, Tweaks, Errors, Graphics and Performance Fixes

Lords of the Fallen had a divided  opinion as some of the critics considered it as a positive step towards the Dark Souls genre while other criticized it for being more of a clone than something original.

Now that the game is out, we finally have the chance to decide it for ourselves whether the game is worthy enough or not. Sadly, the PC owners of Lords of the Fallen didn’t receive a pleasant welcome as a lot of users reported that the game isn’t even starting for them.

However, since it’s a PC game, we can always try workarounds and small fixes to make it run properly. To help you out a little, we have shortlisted the common problems being faced by the users related to Lords of the Fallen.

Feel free to browse through the list, and I hope that your problem gets fixed.

Note: There has been a patch after the game’s release, make sure that you download it as it might fix your issue automatically. If you haven’t received any, try restarting Steam.

#1 Lords of the Fallen Crash Fix
There have been multiple reports for Lords of the Fallen crashes on PC. Some of the users are facing crashes are the startup while for some, game is being crashed on random basis.

So far, no specific reason has been discovered for the crashes but there are a few things you can try to fix it:

  • First thing you should do is turn off the vsync via settings.ini file which can be found in C:\Users\-username\Documents\Lords of the Fallen\settings.ini. Just change the true value to false and save the changes.
  • If you are an Nvidia user, try changing Physx configuration from automatic to CPU using the control panel.
  • It goes without saying that you should be using latest version of drivers for your GPU to avoid any driver based crashes.
  • You could also try running the game in windowed mode.

#2 Lords of the Fallen – How to Get Rid of Intro Videos
If you are facing crashes during the intro videos, you can try a workaround to get rid of them, and it might fix the issue for you. You need to find the following files in SteamApps\common\Lords Of The Fallen\videos folder:

  • lotf_logo_alienware.bk2
  • lotf_logo_nvidia.bk2
  • lotf_logos_bn_ci_d13.bk2
  • lotf_logos_ci_d13.bk2

After you have located them, try renaming them or delete them after you have made a backup of these files. Deleting or renaming these files seem to give a black screen as if they were still taking time to play, but it could help you to skip the crash.

#3 Lords of the Fallen Tweaks to Improve Performance
In the settings.ini (C:\Users\-username\Documents\Lords of the Fallen\settings.ini) file of Lords of the Fallen, there are plenty of commands that are quite simple to understand and well commented.

If you want to tweak your game a bit, just open the file and change the values to true or false depending on your need. Just make sure that you always have a default backup so that if things go north, you don’t have to reinstall the whole game.

#4 Lords of the Fallen Crashes for GTX 9xxx Users
First thing you should try is configure your Physx with CPU by using the Nvidia control panel. Restart your PC and the game should work. If it doesn’t try re-installing your GPU drivers (latest version).

#5 Lords of the Fallen Black Screen Fix With Audio
If you are hearing only audio and can’t see the video, try running the game in windowed mode. The black screen might appear due to refresh rate/resolution conflict or due to a resolution that your monitor might not support.

After running the game in windowed mode, you can change the resolution in the settings menu.

#6 Lords of the Fallen Stuttering Fix
There haven’t been many reports about stuttering but if you are a victim of it, make sure that screen’s refresh rate is same as that of the game.

Also, try capping FPS to a particular value for a smoother experience.

#7 Lords of the Fallen Performance Fix
Many users have reported that disabling Physx from Nvidia control panel has drastically improve the game’s performance for them. So if you are experiencing low frame rates too, try disabling Physx.

#8 Lords of the Fallen – How to Fix Apex_GPU Crash
As you can see from the description, it’s related Apex module so if updating the drivers don’t help, try disabling it. In the settings.ini file, you need to change the apex_gpu command as following:

apex_gpu_support_enabled = false

#9 Lords of the Fallen – FPS Fix for AMD Users

If disabling Physx doesn’t help you, try disabling Vsync and apex_gpu in the settings.ini:

vsync = false
apex_gpu_support_enabled = false

If you experience any other issue, comment and we will try to help you out!

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