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Make the right selection at the start or suffer.

Like a typical Soulslike, Lords of the Fallen (2023) also presents players with an option of choosing a starting class for their character from a wide selection of classes. Considering there are nine classes to choose from in Lords of the Fallen, the choice can be a bit overwhelming for some players. That is where we come in.

We will be suggesting the best class you should choose in Lords of the Fallen when starting the game, as well as give you an overview of every other class should you wish to make a different choice than our recommended starting class.

Keep in mind that you cannot change your class in Lords of the Fallen 2 once you have started the game. Thankfully, you can respec your character through Pieta at the hub, so you can basically copy another class’ stats even though you miss out on their equipment.

Best class to choose in Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Across the board, the best class for beginners in Lords of the Fallen 2 is Hallowed Knight. This class has the highest Endurance with almost equal Vitality, which makes it a good class to start with. Due to its high stats and easy-to-play weapons, it’s a perfect choice for beginners who want to get the hang of the game first.

Best class to choose in Lords of the Fallen

With the overall high stats, the Hallowed Knight is well-balanced without lacking too much in one aspect. Their stats also make them a flexible choice as players can prioritize any stat they want and use it according to their preferred playstyle.

The Hallowed Knight class in LotF comes with medium resistance armor, which is okay for the start of the game. For weapons, this class is equipped with a sword, a good shield, and a grenade. The sword is a good beginner weapon as its swings can take up a wide area. It’s good to take down multiple enemies.


Along with that, Knights also have grenades. These grenades do not inflict a lot of damage but are good for hurting and sometimes weakening the enemies present in an area.

All Lords of the Fallen starting classes

As mentioned before, there are nine starting classes to choose from when making your character in Lords of the Fallen. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game or finished it once, you get access to another 10th class. But that is not all. There are also three hidden secret classes in LotF that you can unlock and then select during New Game Plus.

So, in total, you would have 13 classes to choose from when starting NG+ of Lords of the Fallen 2. Every player approaches the game differently, so select the one you feel like you can play the best with. Remember, the main point is to have fun and enjoy your journey through the game.


The Partisan class can be known as an all-rounder as it excels in none of the stats but is a mix of all. None of the stats are actually low, which makes it a good choice in every situation. Due to their boring stats, they can be considered a good class to play with if your go-to weapon of choice is long-range and quick.

A full armor comes with this class, which provides a moderate defense. Weapons that come with Partisan class are a Flail and a crossbow with a mediocre shield. The flail is good for medium-range attacks. At the same time, the crossbow can take down long-ranged enemies easily. If your go-to style is to play from a distance with quick attacks, this class may be the one for you.

Udirangr Warwolf

Want to play with a heavy attack and strength-based class? Choose Udirangr Warwolf. As its name also gives the idea, this class is focused on fighting, aka strength. This class can use heavy weapons, which makes it easier to kill enemies in a few turns.

The agility also helps in handling the weapons so they can be used easily without much delay due to their weight. This class comes with a sword and a bloody hatchet, and both are good at inflicting melee damage.

On the downside, the defense of Udirangr Warwolf class is super low. As seen in the picture, they have light armor, which can make them an easy target. For that, it is better to keep healing if you want to play with this class.

Mournstead Infantry

If you want to select a strength and agility ace, the Mournstead Infantry in Lords of the Fallen may be for you. Similar to Partisan, the Mournstead Infantry class is also somewhat the same across the board, making it quite a stable class in all aspects.

Now for the weapons, this class’s armor and shield are moderate but less effective than other classes. Also, the weapon of choice is much more sharp and precise for attacking.

Contrary to other weapons, this class comes with a spear that attacks straight ahead. This is quite a useful action as it can give collateral damage to the enemy behind the main one. However, the disadvantage is that the spear cannot be swung around, making it only good for small spaces. Mournstead Infantry also comes with a Javelin, which can be used to throw at targets far away from you. This is quite a useful weapon for any playstyle.

Blackfeather Ranger

If you want to play like a hunter with good agility, the Blackfeather Ranger class can be the best option. The stats make this class look like a very mediocre class with no direction, but this can also be a good one as it can be a challenge. Players can take this character and try to mold it into whatever they want and use its abilities to their advantage.

The armor is also good, along with its weapon of choice, an axe. They are not great, but can get the job done for the start of the game. However, the ranged weapon for this class is the best one. It is a crossbow like Partisan but can deal a lot more damage than the former one. It’s a bit tricky choice, but if you like to challenge yourself, select this class.

Exiled Stalker

Now, from this class, you are jumping into the challenging class territory. The Exiled Stalker class in LotF is for seasoned players so they can use the lacking stats along with the high agility to make the game work. This class is made for assassin enthusiasts, with the weapon of choice complimenting the attacking style.

The Exiled Stalker class comes with two Daggers as weapons. These daggers are used for rapid, deadly attacks that can be laced with poison to do the job more painfully or quickly. The other weapon is the Lacerating knife, which is a bunch of small knives that can be thrown from afar.

Unfortunately, what it has in weapons, the Exiled Stalker lacks in armor. As this class is designed after assassins, they can die quite easily, making them frail targets. This makes them a rigid choice for only those who know how to play assassins.

Orian Preacher

The first magic-based class in Lords of the Fallen (2023) is Orian Preacher, which has the highest Radiance of 18. This is the highest stat for any category till now. If you like to play as a mage and depend more on spells than weapons, this class may be for you.

The weapon of choice for the Orian Preacher class is a Hammer and a Catalyst. The hammer can deal moderate damage but is useless for a large number of enemies. Due to 18 Radiance, Orian Preacher can use spells right away, which is useful.

Other than its magic abilities, this class is hard to maneuver as it has low armor and agility. Also, the hammer is not effective in all situations, so this is a risky class. Unless you know how to play these types of mage classes, don’t go for it.

Pyric Cultist

The second mage class is the Pyric Cultist. With the highest Inferno stat of 18, this is a completely inferno-based class. It has high endurance like other easier classes, which makes it a good class for battles. The weapon wielded by the Pyric Cultist is a Staff that can deal moderate physical and fire damage. The other weapon is the catalyst that aids in the magic fireballs that can be thrown over a considerable distance.

Similar to Orian and any other mage class, they have weak armor. This makes them quite vulnerable on their own. If you are considering playing in a co-op mode, this class can be quite effective, as their magic is a lot more effective and powerful.


Lords of the Fallen Condemned class

The last class available by default, the Condemned, has the lowest stats out of all the ones mentioned. The class starts at level one with no noticeable stats to show which direction this class will go. This class has a sorry excuse for a weapon in the form of a wooden bucket and rocks. For armor, Condemned has nothing that can possibly save them from the upcoming attacks.

If you want to go through the tortuous route and challenge yourself with this tormented human, you can choose the Condemned class in Lords of the Fallen. This is by far the hardest one to play with. Play at your own risk.

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