Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

Important: There is new day-1 patch which went live yesterday. The highlight of this patch is difficulty-balancing.

Although I’m sure it won’t affect anything drastically, but still, it’s better to bear this in mind.

Lords of the Fallen Boss Tips

There are 10 bosses and all of them are mentioned as they appear in game.

First Warden
This boss is mostly hidden behind his massive shield which allows him to negate any damage, so don’t bother trying! Every now and then, he will ditch its shield giving you some room to attack. Be careful though! You will have to dodge a couple of attacks after he puts his shield aside.

Drop his HP to about 75% and he will ditch his shield completely.

During this phase, he will get a lot aggressive with attacks so maintain a safe distance and charge in-between with your own attacks. This fight can be fairly long due to your less damage output.

Similar to the First Warden, Commander is also hidden behind a massive shield. He will also put his shield aside from time to time, giving you some room to attack. Moreover, he will summon his minions into the fray. Be sure to take them out quickly!

You need to get behind him and attack from there to deplete his HP quickly. Use your distracting spells to divert his attention and then charge in with your attacks.

You will also see him kneel on the ground and fire at you, giving you the perfect opportunity to dodge in behind him and attack. Keep on dodging/blocking his attacks and keep him busy with your distraction spells to end this fight quickly.

This boss can easily one-shot you if you do not know what to do. He will kneel down like Commander and wave his hand to create blue pool on the ground which will kill you in an instant.

As soon as you see this happening, run inside one of the lit shrines to avoid taking damage. Another move which you need to avoid is when he freezes you in place to deal significant damage.

Other than this, most of the moves are pretty simple to avoid. You can also lure the boss to one of the shrines and let him blow it to stun himself, allowing you to keep on hitting for a long time.

As soon as this boss fight begins, you need to put your attention to Infiltrator’s legs. Dodge his consecutive three-hit combo and deliver one or two hits on his legs.

It’s better to equip a Light-Armour for this battle as it will allow you to dodge faster. Progress a little through the fight and he will start throwing traps which will regenerate his HP.

If your damage output is high, you can choose to ignore the traps and keep on hitting the boss while he is regenerating. But if your damage output is low, destroying these traps is extremely crucial.

You can also use distraction spells to move the boss away from the traps. Just don’t stay too close to him and avoid his stingy attacks to complete the boss fight.

The first thing that you need to bear in mind is that this large dude gets additional speed when he successfully attacks you. For this boss fight, you need to stick to ranged attacks.

Champion also has a couple of ranged attacks at his disposal, but almost all of them are fairly easy to dodge. Aside from ranged attacks, he will often come charging at you and ram into a wall.

At this point, you need to rush with your own counter-attacks. Similar to Infiltrator, distraction spells can be used to divert his attention, but it will not work most of the times. Keep this in mind!

The weak point of this gigantic boss is his ankles which you need to target. Whenever you get the opportunity, try and get behind the boss to deliver a couple of strikes at the ankles.

Look out for attacks from his large club! Staying there for too long isn’t recommended at all because of his stomp attack. As soon as you see a stomp attack coming, move away quickly and charge in with counter-attacks.

Once the boss is down, gulp an Energy Potion and deliver as many attacks as you can. This is a long boss fight and requires a lot of patience because of your less damage output.

He will stay in one place and spit poison pools near you which you will have to avoid.

His main move that you need to avoid is homing fireballs which you’ll be able to dodge/block with a light-armour or fire-resistance shield. He will also deliver consecutive four-strikes which you need to avoid to charge in your own counter-attacks.

Your weapon plays an important role during this sequence. With a weapon having high attack rate, you’ll be able to deliver more strikes before dodging again.

He will also bury his sword into the ground and charge at you with a kick attack. You can also go in to deliver a couple of strikes before dodging again.

Your stamina and timing plays an important role in winning this boss fight. Capture all small opportunities and don’t miss any to deliver a strike.

Just as this battle starts, you need to keep a safe distance from him and wait for an opportunity to strike. He will toss his electrified mace towards you.

You need to avoid it and charge in to deliver a couple of heavy-hitting strikes before dodging again. Moreover, he will also leap at you which can be easily avoided to create some room for counter-attacks.

Be careful though! This attack has a fairly short recovery time. In addition to attacks mentioned above, he will also deal lightning damage which will freeze you in one place.

It’s better to equip a lightning-resistant light-armor and dodge the attacks to minimize the damage received. Your biggest attack window is when he will throw the electrified mace at you, don’t miss it!

Lost Brothers
These are two separate bosses which do not attack you simultaneously, but one after the other. After killing one of the boss, the alive one will inherit some of the attacks from the dead one.

For this boss fight, it’s recommended that you go in with the heaviest armour at your disposal and keep some of the Energy regeneration potions at your disposal.

If you can get the ‘Rage’ spell, it will work wonders during this boss fight. Both of these brothers provide quite less room for attacking and you’ll have to tank them while dealing damage at the same time.

If you do not wish to tank, you can always choose to use Power/Magic and utilize any shards which will provide you with defense against fire/lightning.

As soon as the boss is about to raise the dead, you need to get in and deliver as many strikes as possible before dodging back. He will raise dead from the ground and consume them from far away to regenerate his HP.

He also delivers a series of attacks followed by a ground stomp which will push you back. There is a little attack window here, but do note that the boss sometimes initiates the next series of attacks right after the first one.

When he has a safe distance between you and himself, he will try to attack you with his ranged spear and even with a lunging attack. Both of these attacks are fairly simple to dodge and can be seen clearly.

Like with most of the bosses out there, he can be distracted using distracting spells so make sure to utilize them and attack from behind to deal some significant damage.

One last thing to keep in mind is that standing near the zombies when Judge blows them up is not a good idea as it will also damage your character.

Just keep on following the tips provided above and you’ll emerge victorious from the last boss battle that Lords of the Fallen has to offer.

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