Lords of the Fallen Audio Notes Locations Guide

Unlike Tyrant Hearts and Ancient Plates, there are tons of Audio Notes in Lords of the Fallen. While these notes don’t provide any benefit or can’t be traded for something else in return, they do shed light on the game’s lore.

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Lords of the Fallen Audio Notes Locations

Finding these notes can be tricky since sometimes they are in some of the most unexpected places, well thankfully this guide should help you recover all the Audio Notes from each location.

Keystone Citadel

Infested Guard
Location: As soon as players start the game, they can find the note if the climb the stairs and look to their right. The note is lying near Kaslo.

Infested – the ill
Location: This note can be found once players set out to look for a key. The segment which informs them about stealth killings is where the note is located.

The infested with his back to the players drops the note.

Rhogars-Monk’s Notes
Location: Once players acquire the main key and climb the stairs, the note is located near the first portal.

Ancient Tales-The Three Heroes
Location: Once players defeat the First Warden, they can exit the Initiation Chamber and they will find the note on the right side in a small yard of Northern Wing.

Rhogars-Notes from the Backcountry
Location: After defeating the First Warden and exiting to the small yard through Initiation Chamber, players have to head downstairs and in one of the rooms they will find the note.

The room also has 2 Infested inside as well as a weapon chest.

Adyra Lords-Their Goal
Location: This note is at the foot of the stairs on the way to the Citadel exit, next to the door.


Night Watch-NinthNight
Location: This note is located in the circular room in front of the gate where players meet the Wounded Monk.

Players can take the door on the left or the right which will take them to a passage that leads to the Northern Wall. Another room at the end of this passage leads to the circular room where is note can be seen next to a window.

Higher Power-Bracer
Location: After players acquire the Mysterious Gauntlet, the note is located on the wall near the corpse of a soldier.

Gloomy Places-Dandy
Location: After players meet Yetka, they can move back to the opposite direction of the gate from where the Crossbowman was shooting, it’s the Southern Watchtower.

Once at the tower, they need to climb down the stairs, the note would be at the foot of the stairs.

Night Watch-Sixth Night
Location: After collecting the previous note (Gloomy Places-Dandy) players can jump down from the edge to acquire the Tower Key and then walk further across the External Passage, they will come up on a locked door near the Crossbowman.

They looted key can be used here to enter and loot the note.

Night Watch-Fourth Night
Location: Once the players have defeated the Commander, they can climb up the stairs and go right to the end of the area where they will come up on a portal.

On the left of the portal is a narrow passage at the end of which is the note.

Night Watch-The Last Night
Location: As players climb the stairs after defeating the Commander, they need to head towards the Cemetery. The note will be on their way in a left side wall, close to where they talk to the Captain.

Rhogars-Watch Notes
Location: After defeating the commander and going up the stairs to where players talk to the Captain, there will be a small balcony on the right.

Crossing that, players will reach a fork with a Checkpoint. The path straight ahead leads to the entrance of a small room. The note is in front of that door.

Gloomy Places-Gloomy Graves
Location: On their way to the Cemetery, players can go left to reach a small gate near a stack of firewood. As they go downstairs to the bottom of the Burnt Tower and then jump down even lower to loot a chest and continue following the path.

Pretty soon they will find the note on the ground.

Ancient Tales-Kyle’s Grave
Location: After defeating the Worshipper at the Cemetery, players can find the note at one of the graves close to the chapel, left of the main gate.

Dimensions-The Temple
Location: The note is at the Cemetery, under a big tree after crossing the main gate.

The Temple

Dimensions-The Ravine
Location: After opening the gate to Panorama (left side of Eternal Flames) players can climb up the stairs and turn left to go till the end of the path. Under a pile of stones there is the note.

Dimensions-My Treasure
Location: On the Abandoned Fields, as players move towards the side entrance of the Temple, they will come upon several Hell Hounds and campfires.

The note is next to some rocks and shriveled trees in this area.

Gloomy Places-Heinous Species
Location: Upon entering the Temple from the Abandoned Fields, players need to go left, over the stairs and to the bottom of the area where they will encounter a Tyrant.

Near the Tyrant would be a gate opened with a lever next to it. Inside is the note as well as some Spiders.


Ancient Tales-Kyle’s Sword
Location: After entering the Catacombs, players need to proceed downwards and then turn right at the first intersection. Following the corridor will lead them to an Infested and a Crossbowman.

Pretty soon they will come upon another turning, where they need to go right again which leads to the The note is on the first room in the left inside the Mines.

Location: Following the exact early path as the previous note, players need to turn left at the turning after the Infested and Crossbowman which will lead them to the New Burial Chambers.

At the end of this path are a chest and the note.

Dark Deeds-Mutations
Location: After entering the Catacombs through Cemetery, players need to climb down to the Well of Death and then turn right towards the Royal Tomb.

They can jump over the plank and enter the first room on the right where a Forger with a crossbow is waiting. The note is at the left wall next to a tomb.

Our New Home-The End of The Road
Location: Proceeding downwards from the Well of Death will lead players to the Burrow. Taking the corridor in front of them and then entering the first door on the right will lead to the note.

Our New Home-Deep Inside
Location: Just like the previous note, players have to reach the Burrow and proceed through the corridor until they reach the Cell Circle. The note is on top of the stairs on the left.

Ancient Tales-Adventurers
Location: Close to the Checkpoint at the bottom of the Catacombs is the entrance of Monster Prison. The note is located inside the prison.

Location: From the Well of Death, players have to climb up the stairs on the side where they will encounter a Knight. Further ahead behind a smashed cage is the note.

Gloomy Places-Blind Fury
Location: After climbing the stairs on the side of Well of Death, players will come up on a Checkpoint. Passing through a grate and turning left will lead them to cell doors which can be opened by a nearby lever. The note is in one of the cells.

Prisons-Political Prisoners
Location: This note is also in one of the cells which players opened for Gloomy Places-Blind Fury.

Prisons-The Branded
Location: This note is also in one of the cells which player just opened through the lever.

Ancient Tales-Sven’s Hammer
Location: After climbing the Well of Death stairs and turning right from the checkpoint, players will come up on a cell with a lever outside is. The note is inside the cell.

Ancient Tales-Adventurer
Location: After fighting the Champion, players can walk to the Citadel. When in front of the door that was pointed to by the guard, they need to turn left and climb up the stairs where the note will be located.

Dark Deeds-Superhuman
Location: After defeating the Beast, players can return to the Catacombs to fight Champion. After defeating him they will see that one of the previously locked doors is now unlocked.

Inside the room are three notes. Gloomy Places-Potent Poison and My Oath-I Sweat to Him are also located here.

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