Lords of Conquest Guide – Which Faction to Choose, Joining Guilds, Rewards Bag, Completing Quests

In this Lords of Conquest Guide, we will guide you on different strategies and tips that will help you in playing Lords of Conquest. Lords of Conquest is an MMO strategy game and allows players from around the world to clash in battles for being the best civilization. You choose a civilization from different options and build it to sustain huge armies that help you get to the top.

Lords of Conquest has different features such as resource gathering, gold collection, recruiting different types of forces, and most importantly conquering other civilizations. We have curated this Lords of Conquest Guide for you so you can easily master these features and defeat every civilization that stands in your way. We will also guide you regarding the role of heroes in Lords of Conquest.

Tips and Strategies – Lords of Conquest

We have different tips and strategies for you that will not only cover all the basic mechanics of the game but will also give you an edge over the competition so that you can build the ultimate civilization.

Your goal here is not to build the largest civilization but is to defeat every other civilization in the game. Since this game is an MMO so you will always need to be on your guard as someone will always be better than you. To keep you prepared for all sorts of situations, this Lords of Conquest Guide will come in good use.

Lords of Conquest Guide details some tips and strategies for you so that you can build the largest and most advanced settlement in Lords of Conquest and train the best armies to dominate all other civilizations in the game.

How to Complete Quests
Lords of Conquest features a quest system that will help you greatly improve your civilization while also helping you by providing a step-by-step progress scenario. These quests are tailored to your current in-game level and they help you become the best in that specific level. Your goal should be to complete as many quests as possible. As you progress through the game and level up, these quests will change and new quests will help you reach even higher levels.

Completing these quests will give you different items as rewards. These could be rare resources, common resources or other unique items. These also serve as an incentive for completing these quests. So complete as many quests as you can and you will get a quick resource boost right at the start of the game.

Understanding Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes is a building where you can hire two different types of exploration teams. The goal of these exploration teams is to go out and find more soldiers that you can recruit in your army. Either you can choose from the Expert Team or you can also choose from Elite Teams. The major difference between these two teams is that Elite Teams cost gold while Expert Teams cost silver. You also get a free exploration tour with the Expert team after every 10 minutes.

On the other hand, Expert teams will always cost you Gold but they are worth purchasing because Elite Teams recruit soldiers ranging from Rank A to S, which is the best rank of soldiers. Expert teams although are cheap, they can only recruit soldiers from Ranks C to A. This little mechanic is a great way of earning some extra troops for your civilization so you should use it as much as possible especially the free Expert Team exploration tour.

Time is your Best Resource
In Lords of Conquest, you will be looking after many things at the same time but if you only focus on one thing at a time, chances are that your civilization will not thrive for a long time and will be short-lived. The main point here is that you must use your time more efficiently. You will not get a lot of time before you will come under attacks or will have to send troops out in the battlefield. You need to make sure that all elements of your civilization are performing their best at all times.

The game has a very resourceful UI, which shows the status of all the units whether they are workers or troops. You can use it to monitor everyone and make sure that everyone is assigned a task at all times. You also get research slots in which you must ensure that one research is always under-going.

The same thing goes for you workers and troops. Your troops must always be in battles fighting and conquering rival civilizations. Your workers must be building new structures helping to expand the civilization. Hence, it is vital that you keep everyone in the flow efficiently.

Which Factions to Choose?
At the start of a new game, you must choose a unique faction or civilization that will be your primary and only faction for that entire game. You will build, expand and sustain this faction for as long as you can.

These factions are not very different from each other. The only differences come when you consider different buffs, which are unique to civilizations or factions. Other than these buffs, all factions follow the same path and have the same buildings to construct.

When choosing a faction, you can choose anyone you like. The buffs are not something that you should really look into consideration. They are pretty much not existent during the game so you can easily choose any faction that looks appealing to you.

What are Guilds?
Just like any other MMO, Lords of Conquest also has the Guilds feature. During your game, you can join any Guild of your choice. Joining Guilds is easy and you can switch from one Guild to another in no time. You can also leave a Guild anytime you want. Lords of Conquest calls these Guilds Warbands so you should not confuse them with any other thing. Warbands act just like normal MMO Guilds and you can join them for different incentives.

When you join a Guild, you instantly create a lot of allies that can help you in different ways. You get a guaranteed protection from your allies and also a boosted building time with their help. You also get an instant 200 gold when a join a Warband which is the most attractive incentive for joining a Guild. Your Warband members will always look out for you in different situations.

Reward Bag
Lords of Conquest gives you a reward bag, which constantly fills up with different rewards and other chests. The most common chests here are the Level Up chests, which are a reward for attaining a certain higher level. They also give you a reason for trying to level up quickly so that you get access to the contents of a bonus Level up a treasure chest, which could be resources, consumables or speed-ups.

The rewards that collect in Reward Bag are all related to your progress. The more progress you make, more the game will reward you and your bag will be filled with rewards and treasure chests when you open it. Therefore, you must always look in your Reward bag for different rewards and chests.

This concludes our Lords of Conquest Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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