Lords of the Fallen Proving Grounds Locations ‘Are You Not Entertained Guide

The “Are you not entertained?” trophy from Lords of the Fallen requires players to complete all proving grounds, which are a total of 4 in number.

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Lords of the Fallen Proving Grounds Locations

Proving grounds are quite similar to Treasure Chambers but instead of just passing through the portal and collecting treasure, players have to fight 3 waves of enemies before they can loot the chests.

Proving Ground #1
Location: The first proving ground portal is unlocked once players defeat the Worshipper in the Graveyard. Once the boss is dead, they have to back track to the previous area where Kaslo is located.

A previously locked portal should be open now. Passing through it and entering the arena will start the enemy waves.

Proving Ground #2
Location: The second proving ground becomes available once players defeat the Champion in Catacombs. Once the boss is dead, players have to back track all the way to the starting of the Catacombs where the entrance to the proving grounds is located.

A pathway on the right side of the wall will lead players to a number of rooms, one of which will have an enemy as well as a portal inside. The portal leads to the proving grounds.

Proving Ground #3
Location: The third proving ground is unlocked upon defeating the Annihilator and can be seen just before players fight the Lost Brothers.

Once the Annihilator is dead, players can go to the portal to talk to Adyr which will take them to Flooded Halls where the portal to the proving grounds is located right next to the checkpoint.

Proving Ground #4
Location: The fourth and final portal is located in the upper portion of the Citadel being guarded by an archer. Players need to do a bit of searching here as the portal is located in one of the rooms connected to the main hall.

The room with the portal also has a pressure plate inside it so that should make the job easier. Players need to open the golden chests at the end of each proving ground, loot the items and then exit through the portal for progress to be counted towards the trophy.

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