Rumor: GTA5 PC Version Uses Denuvo DRM Alongside Steam

It looks like the GTA5 PC version is going to make use of an additional DRM layer, Denuvo alongside the usual measures taken by Steam

Update: Robert Hernandez, co-owner of Denuvo, in a statement to SegmentNext said, ” Denuvo will not be involved in any way with GTAV PC.”

It is always better to be safe; and Rockstar is going to do everything they need to in order to ensure protection and safety for their highest selling title when it hits the PC gamers – even if it means adding an extra layer of technological restrictions.

According to reports that we have picked up from a GTA5 PC version fan, the game is going to be using an additional DRM system for the safeguarding of the game’s ownership and more. The new system in question is Denuvo DRM.

By ‘additional’ I mean that this is going to be used on the game as well as the usual measures that are taken with every Steam based game. It looks like pirates are in for a hard time with GTA5 PC version!

The news is backed by an updated page on the official Denuvo website where they have now include Rockstar among the list of partners they are working with.

See the image below or visit their official website here for more information on the company.


Indeed, this has not been confirmed by the official sources but from what we have at hand, the news seems pretty legit. Of course, we should wait for a confirmation before jumping the gun here.

That being said, Denuvo has been used by FIFA 15 and Lords of the Fallen in the recent months. According to the same forum user who spotted the connection, Denuvo uses a special code that changes every time you crank it up and that the DRM has not been cracked by anyone yet.


GTA 5 PC version releases on January 27, 2015; are you ready for it?

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