How to Defeat the Locus of Communion in Destiny 2

To help you out and ensure you can easily defeat the Locus of Communion in Destiny 2, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through this boss fight step by step during the hidden Presage mission.

How to Defeat the Locus of Communion in Destiny 2

The very last boss that you’ll face in the Destiny 2 Presage mission is named ‘The Locus of Communion.’ As a reward for defeating this boss, you’ll get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle.

The Locus of Communion may seem like a very tough boss, but he’s actually relatively easy to take down if you have an understanding of his mechanics and how to take advantage of them.

When the battle starts and the Locus of Communion spawns, he’ll summon several enemies alongside him.

Eliminate these enemies first and then focus all your fire on the Locus. After he takes a certain amount of damage, he’ll disappear.

At this point, you’ll see that the floor of the arena is starting to glow orange. You’ll then see the Locus of Communion, who has teleported under the floor.

The reason the floor is glowing orange is that the area below is burning hot. This means that you can’t go down there to continue fighting the Locus. You’ll have to bring the temperature of the arena down before you can continue fighting him.

To do this, you’ll need to fire up the coolant pumps by interacting with the three consoles in the arena. This will cool down the floor, which will allow you to drop down into the area below through the gaps by the wall.

The first console that you need to interact with is right behind the area where the Locus first spawned. Interacting with the console will take a little bit of time, so be careful of any enemies still lurking.

From the first console, turn around and go into the room to your right to find the second console. This room will be burning hot, meaning that you’ll take damage while you’re in there.

To stay alive while you’re interacting with the second console, you’ll need high resilience and some healing items.

The third and final console is at the entrance of this arena. Once you’ve activated all the coolant pumps, the area below will change its color from orange to blue.

You can now go down there and continue fighting the Locus of Communion.

Remember to not get overconfident when fighting the Locus. He has insane burst damage and can kill you in one hit with his ground smash attack.

When you bring his health down by 33%, the arena will get hot once again and you’ll need to cool it back down through the same process a second time.

One thing to note is that before you drop down to fight him, the Locus of Communion will stay in the exact same spot where you left him.

Since you know where he’ll be, you can drop down far away from him and do a ton of damage on him before he gets close to you.

In this way, you’ll be able to defeat the Locus of Communion in no time in the D2 Presage mission.