What is the Release Date for Loba in Apex Lengends?

A couple of days ago, Electronic Arts revealed the next hero to join the Apex Legends ranks. Posing as a unique figure with an intriguing back story, Loba is a thief in search of vengeance. When is Loba’s release date to Apex Legends and what do you need to know before then?

The official cinematic trailer for Loba in Apex Legends does come with a release date. According to it, the new Apex Legends character will become available on May 12th. The hero is part of a new chapter for Season 5 under the name “Fortune’s Favor”. This means that in only a week, you’ll get a new update in EA’s battle royale title including, amongst others, Loba.

Apex Legends Loba

The Season 5 update won’t just see Loba’s release date. You’ll also get a brand new Battle Pass, baring the same name as the new chapter. In addition, quests are now coming to Apex Legends, although Electronic Arts doesn’t share much information on that topic. It might have something to do with the shady anta

Loba releases in only a week in Apex Legends and there’s too much we don’t know about her. Looking at the trailer, we find out that she’s a thief, so she’s a mobile character. We see her carrying a pistol and a cane in her showcase image, so those might be her weapons.

However, we still don’t know what her skill is in the game. It’s bad to make correlations like these, but she kinda looks like Sombra from Overwatch. Let’s hope EA won’t give her a stealth mechanic too or else we’ll be bumped.

Fortune’s Favor, Apex Legends’ Season 5 update releases on May 12th. This is also the release date for Loba in the game so make sure to sharpen your shooting skills before the start of the new chapter. With new features and characters releasing each season, it will be hard to put the mouse down any time soon.

Note that update 1.35 is now available in Apex Legends. Reports also claim that there’s a port for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X coming.

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