Little Nightmares Statue Locations Guide

Little Nightmares Statue Locations Guide will help players track down each statue according to the area they are in so players can track them down and destroy for a sense of accomplishment.

Statues are one of the two types of collectibles players can find in Little Nightmares. Some statues can be easily located if players explore a bit, however, there are some pretty well-hidden ones. Given the game’s somber and dark environments, the statues don’t really have a prominent shimmer to them so players need to carefully look for them in order to destroy each statue.

Little Nightmares Statue Locations

As mentioned earlier, a lot of statues are well hidden and require players to a bit of extra exploring in what is otherwise a pretty linear game.

If players don’t go through the trouble of looking at every nook and cranny, there is a high possibility they will miss out on a lot of statues.

The Prison

Statue 1
Early on after starting the game, players will need to head up a long flight of stairs. Once they reach the top, they will come across a small tucked away alcove with a statue resting in it.

Statue 2
After clearing the first area with the spotlight eye, players need to climb up from the left side wall of crates and turn left after reaching the top. This will lead the players into a room with an eye painted on a wall and the statue in a corner of the room

The Lair

Statue 1
In the bedroom with the suitcase in the middle, players can find the statue on a high shelf. The suitcase can be moved to the far right so players can climb it to reach the switch. Using the switch will lower the bed which the players can climb to reach the draws on top which in turn leads the players to the shelf with the statue on it

Statue 2
After the chase which leads players to the elevator, players will come up on a toy box in the middle of the room where the elevator drops them. Players can move the toy box to reveal a plank behind it which can be pulled apart to drop down under the floorboards. This crawlspace leads to a ladder which will take the players to the floor above where they can find the statue in the far left corner.

The Kitchen

Statue 1
After eating the rat stuck in the trap, players can climb onto the laundry in the room and push the metal top leaning against the bin. Having done that, they need to move down to the floor on the right and look for a hidden space behind the ramp that led them to the floor. This will lead players to a secret passage which exits in a room with a statue on a table.

Statue 2
In the room with the sausage making machine, players need to climb the food lift and move up to the freezer. Heading through a small opening on the wall to the right will lead players to a room with a lantern and a statue near it

Statue 3
After picking up the key from the chef’s table and going back to the lift, players need to enter the room on the right and hide in the toppled cart. Once the chef passes by, players can climb the cart and jump to the left to open up a path to the chute. Once the way is open, players need to go back on top of the cart and then jump through the chute which leads to a new area with a room on the left housing the statue.

The Guest Area

Statue 1
After destroying the bathroom mirror and climbing through it, players can use the elevated pipe to travel to the right side of the room and drop down on the table below to destroy the statue

Statue 2
Near the end of the area where the players see the Lady walk into the elevator, players need to climb up the ladder and once the Lady is in the elevator, they need to open the hatch at the top. Once the area is clear, players can head left to find a statue next to a barrel.

The Lady’s Quarters

Statue 1
This last Little Nightmares statue is difficult to get to since it is in front of the vanity mirror which the Lady is looking at. In order to pick up and destroy the statue, players need to sneak past the Lady and enter the room on the left. In this room, they can destroy the blue and white vase on the left side of the bed to distract the Lady so players can climb the chair and reach the vanity mirror in order to destroy the statue.

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