Little Nightmares Nome Locations Guide

Little Nightmares Nome Locations Guide will help players track down all these tiny Nomes so players can pick them up and feel good about helping the little guy. It should be noted that in order to pick up and hug some Nomes in certain locations, players must first have scared them earlier in a previous location which would force the Nome to move to the new place.

Little Nightmares might be a really short game but it still has a few collectibles littered throughout the 3-hour run which the players can pick up if they feel inclined to do so. While most of these collectibles would be easy to find as players go through the linear levels, there are some which are well hidden and tucked away in dark corners.

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Little Nightmares Nome Locations

The following guide lists the Nomes according to the maps they are located in and since the game is pretty linear, there won’t be any backtracking involved to pick up Nomes from previous locations so players can easily continue their playthrough while keeping an eye out for signs of Nome presence.

The Prison

This is the first map in the game where players wake up and go through the starting gameplay mechanics. There are a total of 3 Nomes hidden in this area for players to track down and either hug or scare away to be hugged later.

Nome 1
Once players reach the room with the refrigerator in the middle and open the door, a Nome will run past them to the far right through a small opening. Players can cross through to hug the Nome.

Nome 2
Upon entering the first room with the spotlight eye that can freeze players if they get detected, players need to climb up the cages to the right of the eye to reach the Nome. Before moving on to the floor above, players can climb these cages and they will spot a Nome in a cage to the far right. Players can reach this cage by climbing along the top row and then jumping across to grab the ledge. Once through the cage, they will enter a secret room and hug the Nome.

Nome 3
After turning off the power for the second time, players need to climb up the filing cabinets and move to the far left of the room to light up a lantern. A Nome will be trapped in a cage here but players can pull open the door to free him after which the Nome runs to the room on the right and hides in the left corner. Players can go after it and hug the Nome.

The Lair Nomes

The second area of the game also has three Nomes in it, pretty well hidden thanks to the low light in the map.

Nome 1
When players first enter the area, they will have a long flight of stairs to climb, continuously turning left and right as players move upwards. Before climbing the final flight of stairs, players need to look to the far left where they can find and hug the Nome.

Nome 2
After picking up the lever to insert into the pillar in order to open up the hatch, players need to drop down into the hatch and then climb the ladder on the right instead of the boxes. The ladder will take players to an area where they can move the boxes to reveal a small passage that leads to a Nome.

Nome 3
After the clock hallway once players enter the room full of book stacks, they need to crawl under the desk on the far right to scare away the Nome hiding underneath. Once the Nome scurries away, players need to go to the far left where the Nome will be standing to the side of a book stack near the wall. Once some books have been moved around, players can go to the Nome and hug it..

The Kitchen

Nome 1
After picking up the key and going back to the bathroom, players can find a Nome to the left of the double toilets.

Nome 2
Once players have the key and go towards the elevator, instead of going right to unlock the door, they should proceed left into the pantry and pick up the brown jar on the floor. Breaking the jar will free up a Nome inside it.

Nome 3in the room with the sausage maker, players can find a Nome hiding under the table.

Guest Area Nomes

This map in the game has four Nomes and this is also the last area where the players can find Nomes as the final map, Lady’s Quarters area of Little Nightmares doesn’t have any.

Nome 1
Upon entering the area, players need to go left to enter a secret room with a Nome in it.

Nome 2
In the section where players have to run across the bar, dodging guests trying to eat them, players need to move the stool in the far right of the room to reveal a hole behind it. The small hole will lead to another Nome.

Nome 3
After shattering the mirror in the bathroom and walking along the pipe back to the elevator, players can take the elevator to the next floor and then head left. A Nome in the first guest quarter can be easily spotted there trying to wake up a guest.

Nome 4
Players will come across this Nome as part of the game’s story as they start getting hungry.

This is all we currently have on Little Nightmares Nome Locations guide but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below!

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