Little Nightmares Complete Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch On May 18

Little Nightmares: the Complete Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 18 with 30 FPS, 720p upscaled support for the dock and portable experience.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition on Switch will be launched in just two weeks. It is a 3D puzzle platformer coming from Tarsier Studios, the award-winning independent developer who’s set to impressive on Nintendo’s Hybrid Console.

The Little Nightmares Complete Edition will contain pre-order bonuses such as Scarecrow and Teapot Masks. All additional content from The Secret of the Maw will also be available to experience on Switch. Players will be able to take in hand the two protagonists of the game wearing the exclusive Pakku mask thanks to the amiibo Pac-Man.

The game from Tarsier Studios has been adapted for the Nintendo Switch in 30 FPS and with a resolution of native 720p (scaling) for the portable mode and in 30 FPS  with a resolution of 720p when docked. The famous Joy-Con vibrations will bring you closer to the fears in Little Nightmares. Scheduled for May 18, this new edition will also be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Steam platform.

Little nightmares is a short game but it has different collectibles throughout the game. So make sure to check our guide for Little Nightmares Nome Locations which will help you find all the little Nomes to help your little guy and make him feel good. Some of the collectibles are easy to find but most of them are well hidden in the dark corners of the game.

Other than Nomes there are also some statues in the game which are well hidden along with some easy to find. There’s a possibility that you will miss out some of the statues but you can avoid that by checking our guide here for finding the statues and destroying them.

Little Nightmares: the Complete Edition will release on May 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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