How to Complete the Signal Tower in Little Nightmares 2

The Signal Tower is the confusing final chapter of Little Nightmares 2, and it features a pretty difficult maze of doors. However, don’t worry, this guide will help you navigate through the Signal Tower’s dark hallways.

Little Nightmares 2 Signal Tower

So, as you enter the Signal tower, also known as Black Tower, you will notice multiple doors in the lobby area. First, head towards the one which is glowing purple. As you approach it, it will close and another one to the right of it will open up.

So, head through this one and you will come across a staircase.

Climb the stairs to get into the next room and you will find two doorways glowing purple. One to the right and another to the left.

How to Solve the Signal Tower Puzzle?

You need to find the correct door to go through. You can do this by listening closely to each door.

You’ll notice that through one of them you can hear music. This indicates the one you need to go through. So, pick that one.

You can easily pass through them now, but should you still need the sequence it’s right, right, left, left.

Once you’ve navigated through the doors, you are transported to a corridor. Take another door from here and then climb the staircase.

You will now reach another room with four doors. Use the same method to navigate through these doors as you did before. However, for the lower left door, you have to push the door open.

Then, first head through the top left door and then take the top right door. This one is also linked to the bottom left door and that’s why you need to open it. Finally, open the bottom right door.

You will come across yet another staircase, so climb it up. Here you will find multiple doorways and a huge pit in the floor. So first, use the plank that is standing upright to cross over the pit, and reach the doors.

Then, first go through the bottom right door, and then through the wooden plank again. Take the third door to the left from there and finally, the second door to the left.

Finally, take the staircase and you will be done with the dark hallways of Signal Tower.