Little Nightmares 2 Hospital Fuse Puzzle Guide

In this guide, we will discuss how to solve the Hospital Fuse Puzzle in Little Nightmares 2. This puzzle is the lengthiest part of the Third Chapter of Little Nightmares 2. It can be a little difficult to solve The Hospital Fuse puzzle, but we are here to help you out every step of the way. Let’s get started:

Little Nightmares 2 Hospital Fuse Puzzle

You have to power up the elevator by locating two fuses. This elevator will take you to the upper floors of the hospital. There is a fuse box in the waiting area along with an elevator. Read on to learn exactly how to solve the Hospital Fuse Puzzle in Little Nightmares 2.

The X-Ray Machine
You will see a locked door on the right if you go up the stairs. Ignore it for now and go back. Find the X-Ray machine present in the room at the other end of the corridor.

There are some images besides the desk. There is a key on one of those images. This key is in a stuffed animal and it can be used to open the locked door mentioned above.

From here go to the children’s play area and get the teddy bear near the bookcase. You can use the X-ray machine to check if the key is inside the toy or not.

Take the toy with the key to the room on the left side.

The Incinerator
Use the elevator to go to the incinerator. Look to your right and you will see a chamber. Throw the toy in this chamber.

There is a lever near this chamber. If you pull it, the chamber will ignite and burn the toy leaving only the key. When the fire is extinguished, you can go inside the chamber to retrieve the key.

Now take this key to the door upstairs and unlock it. Go to the next corridor by passing through the dentist’s room.

You will get to a locked door if you keep walking towards the screen. You can boost up through the gap in the door by using six.

The Moving Hand
You will see some metal shelves in the next area. There is a cardboard box blocking the path. You can pull it out to clear the way.

You will see a corpse whose hand will fall off and crawl away. Beware of this hand.

The hand will make its way to you after climbing through some areas. You will have to climb up some shelves to stay safe from it.

It comes too close it can grab onto your face which means game over.

Fuse #1
Make your way to the vent that will you to the next section and away from the reach of this hand. After dropping it on the final shelf, you will see a workbench that has a fuse on it.

You will have to get it by climbing up. Throw the fuse on the ground and climb down. Now you have to fight the hand.

Let it come to you and then duck when you see it backing up to attack you. You will need the hammer on the floor to defeat it.

Three strikes on the hand will kill it. It will be a problem if you miss your shots.

If the hand grabs you after you miss your shot, it can be a problem. Be quick, and it won’t be much of an issue.

After the hand is taken care of, get the fuse and make your way for the exit. There will be a box in your way.

At that time, there a window on the door, throw the fuse through it. Make your way through it now and grab the fuse again. Now head to the staircase.

Do not connect the fuse just yet.

Fuse #2
Go to the opposite side towards the metal gate and connect it with the box there. After that, go through the gate.

Now go right from the entrance and get Six’s help to go through the gate there. Turn the lights in the area off using the lever. Use your flashlight instead.

There will be a mannequin running towards you in this room. You will use your torch to stop it. Keep point light and make your way out.

Now go through the corridor and go inside the door on the left.

Mannequin Madness
There will be a lot of mannequins moving this room. You will need to stop them using your flashlight.

There will be a lot of running and pointing required. I think it’s best to just run as fast as you can, past them. There is a broken door in the back.

There is a ledge above it; grab it and make your way out. Use the desk and then go through the vent and you will find it in the next corridor.

You need to be slow and steady here until the crawling mannequin comes. Then run and hide under the beds.

Then two more crawling mannequins will come. Now use your flashlight and make your way to the door at the end of the corridor while keeping your light on these mannequins.

There are some drawers you can climb here, use them and go into the vent and you will get to the shower room.

You can unlock the locked gate by using the bar of soap. You need to throw this at the button to unlock the door.

The wheelchair mannequin will start walking and chase you. Use your flash and back away.

Final Obstacle
Turn the light on, and the mannequin will stop. Use the wheelchair to climb up and through the gap above the door.

This is the last area where there will be mannequins. Make your way through the gap in the chairs while keeping your light on the two mannequins.

There will be a lot of mannequins, so keep lighting them up to stop them when you get to the end of the room.

Slide from under the wooden boards by running.

Now you are in the electric chair room. Go to the stool and pull the lever by jumping, and a fuse will pop out.

Take this to the locked gate and throw it in the trap. After that, Six will take care of the fuse and plug it in.

This will open the elevator doors, and the puzzle is completed.

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