Little Nightmares 2 Hats Locations Guide

If you are after the completion of several achievements that are linked to the collection of various hats in Little Nightmares 2, you have come to the right place. This guide describes the locations of all 12 hats found in Little Nightmares 2 at different stages.

Little Nightmares 2 Hats Locations

There are a total of 12 hats in Little Nightmare 2 that you can collect to make your character Mono look better. Now some of these hats are downloadable, while some are found during the missions. So, without further ado, here is the list and description of all the 12 hats in Little Nightmares 2:

Paper Bag Hat
Received as a starter hat.

Mokujin Hat
Received as a pre-order bonus hat.

Raccoon Hat
This is the very first hat that you will find in the game. It is located inside the very first house in chapter 1 – The Wilderness. So after leaving the kitchen, head down the hallway and go to the room to the left to get your hands on the Raccoon Hat.

Nome Hat
After collecting the key in the attic – Chapter 1, you will see a small Nome wearing a hat. Follow the Nome and he will hide inside boxes.

Throw something from around on top of the boxes to bring the Nome out. Keep solving its small riddles this way until you finally get your hands on a Nome hat.

Yellow Rain Hat
The final hat in chapter 1 is the Yellow Rain Hat. So after your first encounter with the hunter, you will have to jump across a bridge. Just after that, you will see a cage located up a tree.

Reach up to the cage and jump on it to make it drop down. Yellow Rain Hat will be inside the cage.

Soccer Ball Mask
Soccer Ball Mask is found in chapter 2, inside the school in the playground. There will be a dumpster at the school’s main entrance. Search in the dumpster to find the Soccer Ball Mask.

Bucket Hat
The second hat in chapter 2 is the Bucket Hat. This hat is located inside the library in the school. All you need to do is to push the ladder to the central bookshelves, and climb it up. You will see the hat right in front of you as you climb the ladder.

Teddy Bear Hat
At the start of chapter 3, there is a nursery next to the room with an X-ray machine. The hat is located on top of the bookshelf. So just climb it over to get the Teddy Bear Hat.

The Mummy Hat
The location of the second hat in chapter 3 is the morgue autopsy room. You will come here after you encounter the doctor for the first time. The Mummy hat is found in the bottom right storage container that is right next to the steel table.

Mailman Hat
The mailman hat is found during chapter 4. While you are in Pale City, you will come to a mailroom. Inside the mailroom, you will see a pile of mails coming out of a container.

Walk over the pile and get inside this secret tunnel that will eventually lead you to the mailman hat.

Baker’s Hat
The final discoverable hat is in the toy store, after the street with all the viewers standing around. You will need to move the shopping cart to get onto the shelves to reach the hat. The shelf that you are looking for is the very first and smallest one in length.

Agency Hat
The final hat that you will receive in the game is the Agency hat. You’ll receive it as an award for completing the game.