Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations Guide

There are certain collectibles in Little Nightmares 2 that players can attain while progressing through The Pale City. Chapter 4 of Little Nightmares 2 consists of two types of collectibles. This guide will help you discover all the Collectibles in Chapter 4 along with Glitching Remains.

Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations

The Collectibles featured in Chapter 4 include two Hats and four Glitching Remains. These Remains are ghosts of lost children, and The Signal Tower directly impacts them.

These remains will be found in various locations in Chapter 4. Let’s talk about where you can find the four remains in The Pale City, one by one.

First Glitching Remain Location
Begin the chapter, and at the very beginning, you will find a window. Climb out of this window, and you will find an alleyway. There will be a sewer in this alleyway. Climb down this sewer using a ladder. You will find the first Glitching Remain.

Second Glitching Remain Location
When you’re in the area with an elevator, find the room with a table. Now find the key in the drawer and use it on the elevator. Turn the switch up and wait for the elevator to go down.

When the elevator comes back up, jump on its top and go to the upper floor. Head on to the left direction and drag the box covering a vent. Follow the vent to its opening, and you will acquire another glitching remain.

Third Glitching Remain Location
After collecting the second Remain, run in the right direction. You will find a broken wall, climb out of the opening. Run towards the second rooftop and climb up the wooden boxes. Make your way to the window that will lead you to the third Glitching Remain.

Fourth Glitching Remain and Postman Hat Location
After acquiring the Remote Control for the TV, turn on the TV. Go near the TV screen, and you will be sucked into another room. Climb down, and you will find a vent near a pile of letters. Inside this vent, you will acquire a hat.

Climb out of the window and slide to the other building’s rooftop using a hanger hanging from a cable.

After reaching the rooftop, you have to climb to the next window, not the window in front of you. As soon as you enter, you will acquire the last Glitching Remain.

Baker Boy Hat
One of the hats is acquired in the last Glitching Remain location. For the next Hat, you have to head inside the Toy Store location.

Please make your way to the shopping cart and drag it to the shelf in front of the opening.

Climb up the shelf, and you will find a hat placed on a bundle of some packages. Acquire this Hat, and you’re good to go.

These are all the locations you need to keep an eye out for when you visit The Pale City in Little Nightmares 2.

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