Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 1 Collectibles Locations Guide

The mysterious sequel to the scary side-scroller Little Nightmares is here; Little Nightmares 2! Throughout the game, you will find different collectibles in missions that your player can pick up to further their progress. This Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 1 Collectibles guide will help you in finding the locations of all of the missing collectibles.

Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 1 Collectibles Locations

The first chapter of Little Nightmares 2 is brimming with scary details for the players to notice. However, there are a few that you might have missed in your rush to get through the creepy atmosphere of the game.

Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each and every collectible throughout Chapter 1 of Little Nightmares II.

Glitching Remains #1
As the level starts, you’ll be able to use a crank that helps you progress further by lowering a crate. You will find a destroyed bridge beyond that point. Jump down and you’ll find a hidden tunnel to the right of the destroyed bridge.

Climb through and you’ll be able to find the first glitching remains location.

Glitching Remains #2
Progressing further through the first chapter you’ll come across an area with numerous beartraps scattered around. You will have to activate the bear trap by utilizing a stick in order to pass through the wooden tunnel.

Slide down and turn around to find a wooden log with a tiny bit of space underneath. Crawl through in order to find a collectible within.

Hat Location #1
The first hat collectible can be found after reaching the cabin in the woods, which you will be entering through the window. As you go inside, you will have to go through the kitchen before finally reaching a corridor.

Before you head into the next area within the cabin, make sure to go to the house’s front door, where you will find a hat lying on a rug.

Glitching Remains #3
Once you have the key to the attic, you will find yourself managing through the house to the backyard. Here, you will find an outhouse that’s locked.

To open it, you need to have Mono and Six stand next to the door, which will then allow Six to boost Mono up and consequently open the door. Here, you will find the third Glitching Remains.

Hat Location #2
The second hat is found after the first chase segment with the hunter. Here, the player will get to a demolished bridge that they must jump across. On the other side, you will find a stack of cages.

Keep traversing up the cages until you get to one that’s held by a rope. In order to break this rope, you’ll have to keep jumping in order to apply force downwards. Eventually, the rope will break and you will be able to get the hat inside.

Glitching Remains #4
The final Glitching Remains can be found towards the end of the first chapter. As you begin to make your way through the lake on your very own ‘raft,’ you can find a glitch next to the television once you reach the shore

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