Little Big Planet 3 Create Mode Footage From GamesCom

Little Big Planet fans don’t have to wait any longer to get their first detailed look at the new and improved Create Mode from Sumo Digital’s upcoming Little Big Planet 3.

The video focuses on various aspects of the Create Mode including the new layer system which now has 16 layers available to players for design purposes, even allowing them to create along the Z axis.

Among the new tools added to the game is the Layer Launcher which functions like a bounce pad and moves players from one layer to another.

Combine that with the improved Slides and characters movements can provide countless hours of fun.

The newly added DualShock 4 touch pad integration is also demonstrated, allowing for easier navigation of menus as well as using the touchpad to design stickers similar to the ones from PS Move Pack, without actually needing a PS Move controller.

A pretty cool and newly added feature, Power Up Creator can also be seen in action allowing players to build power-ups that are of the same quality as the Grappling hook or Paintinator or any of those, your imagination being the only limit.

Little Big Planet 3 is set to be released for PS3 and PS4 on 18th November.

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