Linus Explains How PS5 SSD Can Be “best-in-class”

LinusTech went on social media today to apologize to Tim Sweeney and explain how Sweeney's thoughts on the PS5 hard drive actually are fairly accurate.

Several weeks ago, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney went into detail on how he believed that the PS5 SSD could be one of the best in the business when it comes out, a comment that proved controversial with a number of other people, including YouTuber LinusTech, up until now.

LinusTech inadvertently started drama with Sweeney after that post by claiming he had lied about the Playstation 5 and its SSD, bringing up multiple other SSD drives that in his mind were better than the one inside the Playstation 5. However, here’s where the wheels come off.

Linus also relied on secondhand information on exactly what Sweeney said to launch his tirades, mainly that Sweeney had said that the SSD had the potential to be the fastest. He actually said it was the “best in class”.

Linus has since apologized, and in the same video he apologized in, he also went into detail supporting Sweeney’s assertion that the PS5 SSD can be truly best-in-class, going into detail on how these sorts of things work.

Through Linus’s own words, there are a large number of ways that a hard drive can be better than others aside from how fast it is. Clever usage of the components of each SSD can cut down a large amount of time that it takes to load in assets, which Sweeney cited in his statement.

The high performance of the Playstation 5’s SSD card means that there will no longer be games like Mass Effect that have to use things like elevator rides to load in more assets for the player’s destination.

You can watch LinusTech’s full apology and explanation about the PS5 SSD in the full on video. Though Playstation has delayed its official Playstation 5 reveal, hopefully when the event does come around, it will be just as good as advertised.

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