Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King Playstation 4 Bundle Available for Pre-Order

The hype for Destiny’s The Taken King expansion is growing, and today Sony have added to it by opening pre-orders for a new Playstation 4 bundle. An impressive Limited Edition, the only noticeable problem could be the 500GB storage space.

If you can look past this issue, the Limited Destiny: The Taken King Playstation 4 Bundle does look impressive. Released in America at $399.99 and Canada $449.99, it will have the content from the Legendary Edition and Digital Collector’s Edition of Destiny.

This means that people who purchase this version of the game will not only get the console, Destiny, and The Taken King, but also The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Three emotes, three shaders and three class items are also included as part of the Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade.

Destiny: The Taken King introduces a new story campaign as well as quests. Introducing new enemies, locations, Strikes and Crucible maps, a new Raid and more. Players will also have access to three new Guardian Subclasses as well as new weapons, armour and gear.

Additional content exclusive to the Playstation 4 include The Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle, an exclusive Strike called Echo Chamber, exclusive PvP map Sector 618 and three legendary gear sets (Hesperos, Azoth Bend, and Neuroghast).

While the design of the Playstation 4 itself is impressive and does have a Limited Edition feel, the storage space is going to be an issue which will give players second thoughts on this release, though it can be upgraded after purchase. Another issue that may hold some back is most Destiny players will probably already have a console to play it on anyway.

That being said I’m sure there will be more than a few Destiny fans out there who will already be pre-ordering this, so they can have a Destiny Playstation 4.

Are you going to pre-order this Limited Edition Playstation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.

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