Limbo Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One Confirmed

A new game is playable on Xbox One, as Limbo backwards compatibility has been confirmed.

This news comes from Major Nelson and it’s a huge one as now 278 games are officially backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

However, this program still doesn’t include some major games like GTA IV.

If you don’t know this game, Limbo is a puzzle-platform videogame developed by Playdead. The game was launched in July 2010 for Xbox 360 at first, eventually releasing for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

It is essentially a 2D sidescroller, in which the player will guide an unnamed boy through dangerous environments and traps as he searches for his sister. Limbo is a very dark game, presenting black and white tones to create a particular atmosphere.

Even if this game is an indie, it received a lot of good reviews from the critics, winning several awards too.

Besides Limbo backwards compatibility, Microsoft is really pushing for this service.

Recently, the Orange Box has joined the backwards compatibility program, meaning that the good old Half Life 2, Along With Portal and Team Fortress 2, can be played on Xbox One too.

Moreover, it seems even Project Scorpio will support Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program.

Microsoft knows that a lot of people love playing games from previous consoles and this is an important factor that could make the sales grow quickly.

Well, you don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility since Mike Ybarra stated on Twitter that Project Scorpio will support old games.

Limbo is already out for consoles and PC, while Project Scorpio is releasing within 2017.