Would You Like a Dota 2 SHODAN Announcer Pack from System Shock 2?

Have you played the roleplaying survival horror title System Shock 2? If you have, there is no way you wouldn’t loathe SHODAN, the ruthless AI that wished to enslave humanity.

She was as popular as she was deceptive and for that very reason, people think that a touch of her presence should be there in the insanely popular MOBA in the form of a Dota 2 SHODAN Announcer Pack.

Night Dive Studios is a group of developers who are known to have brought classic games to Steam in the past along with System Shock 2. They are now planning to create the announcer pack but apparently need your voice in their favor.

The chief executive officer at Night Dive Studios, Stephen Kick took to Reddit to share their idea with the Dota 2 community saying that after TI4, they wanted to blend two of their favorite games together and one way to do that was the Dota 2 SHODAN Announcer Pack. They have even talked to Valve about it:

“We also proposed the idea to Valve, but before diving right into production they asked us to approach you, the DotA2 community to get your opinion. Would you be interested in a SHODAN announcer pack? Would it be too similar to Valve’s own GLaDOS announcer? Do you have any suggestions on how we can best represent both System Shock 2, and DotA2? Do you have any ideas, or maybe specific lines you’d like to hear?”

The voice actress behind SHODAN, Terri and Sound Engineer for System Shock 2, Eric Brosius are already on board.

So would you like to get a Dota 2 SHODAN Announcer Pack? Head here to voice your opinion.

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