Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Goddess of Death Guide

Goddess of Death is a Hidden/Silver Trophy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which requires you to completely extinct 10 species of monstrous creatures.

Extinction is basically eradication of a creature’s species off the surface of land. And just like real life, in order to extinct a creature’s species; you must kill all of them.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Goddess of Death

How to Carry out Extinction

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy has introduced a brand new feature of extinction of creatures.

The number of kills you need to perform to extinct a creature depends on the creature. Some small monsters usually require you to kill around 200+ of them to fully extinct them.

However, when it comes to larger monsters like Chocobo Eaters and Cyclops, you need to kill at least 50 of these to extinct them.

The Last One
Once you have completely brought about the extinction of a monster, an Omega version of this creature will appear.

The Omega version indicates that it is the last living individual of that particular gene pool. Checking the enemy reports of a monster clearly states that whether a particular monster is Omega or not.

In addition to this, the Omega versions are usually glowing with hot-red color, which makes them easily identifiable. The Omega versions are almost identical to the normal versions but have more HP and inflict more damage.

Therefore, the rewards gained from killing these creatures are also big. These creatures usually drop insanely precious items, armor, and weapons.

Note: Killing an Omega only eliminates the species of that particular monster from the current playthrough.

The Ultimate Lair
Please refer to my Monster Bane Guide in which I have talked about the Ultimate Lair, in detail. The UL is a last dungeon in the game which appears at 13TH or 14TH day; after you have completed the game and more than 50 side-quests.

This dungeon is swarming with the Last Ones (Omega) that you can easily kill for this Trophy.

While you are planning on killing the Omega, do not try to take on Megabble of the Dead Dunes. The reason as to why I say this is because this particular monster is really helpful in completing Spirit Elixir side-quest.

Killing this creature before completing Spirit Elixir will make it almost impossible. So keep that in mind!

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