Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Lair ‘Monster Bane Guide

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Monster Bane is a Gold/Hidden Trophy which requires you to complete the Ultimate Lair.

However, the question is how to unlock the Ultimate Lair? In order to unlock the Ultimate Lair, you need to complete the Story-mode along with at least 50 side-quests. Furthermore, the Ultimate Lair is cannot be unlocked before 13TH day.

If you are on 13TH day, and you did not complete enough side-quests to unlock the UL, you will get into a last dungeon, and the UL will unlock on 14TH day. Doing so will unlock the Beyond Thirteen Silver Trophy.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Lair ‘Monster Bane

How to get past the Ultimate Lair

Anyway, once you have unlocked the Ultimate Lair, you will see that it has a total of 33 floors.

The first 28 floors will put you against a Last One (who is kind of a bonus boss), Floor #29, #30, #31, #32 contains a special Treasure Box, and you will face your worst nightmare – Ereshkigal – on the last floor.


Note that you must take out Ereshkigal in order to earn both Monster Bane and Holy Garb of Destruction.

Another important thing to note here is that while playing the Ultimate Lair, the clock will NOT stop, and you will have a full in-game day to complete this dungeon.

After completing a particular floor, you will receive the option of either heading to the next floor or jumping on to some other floor.

Some of these Last Ones will also drop a Head accessory after dying, which is very crucial for completing Expert Craftsman Trophy.

It solely depends upon you but the word of warning; floor 22 can be a real mess. Try to avoid it!

How to Defeat Ereshkigal
Contrary to the popular assumptions, Ereshkigal is a really easy boss fight; especially if you know what you are doing. The setup that I would advise includes:

  • Jungle Hunter Garb for Artemis Pierce
  • Magic Schemata with Fira/Thundara
  • De-buffs with De-Shell and De-Protect
  • A few Revival and Remedy Items

Once the battle starts, you need to hit him hard with Thundara/Fira until you knock him out. Knocking him out makes the battle way too easy. Do not be afraid of using an Overclock to knock him out.

Once you have knocked him out, use Artemis Pierce for a quick and easy finish.

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