Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soul Seeds Farming Guide

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you will receive Seed Collector Silver Trophy if you manage to farm 50 Soul Seeds from the Chaos.

Those of you who are new to the game, the Chaos Zone is a large circle of black goo that surrounds the atmosphere. The Chaos Zone appears at a specific time of a day and all locations of the game.

In addition to this, there will also be some enemies in the Chaos Zone who will be much stronger and rewarding than their counter-parts appearing in normal areas of the game.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soul Seeds Farming

How to Farm Soul Seeds

When there are battles being fought in the Chaos Zone, the CZ will completely disappear after the battle has ended. Therefore, before you jump in order to commence the battle, make sure to explore the surroundings of Chaos Zone and look for dispersed Soul Seeds.

One Chaos Zone will at least provide you with zero and maximum of three Soul Seeds. You at least need to have 50 Soul Seeds to unlock this Trophy. However, if you manage to get a 100 of them, then you will be able to acquire an Elixir, which is an insanely useful item.

The Death Game

The Death Game is a side-quest in Yusnaan area, which becomes available after you complete Gabble Suppression War. Both side-quests become available after completing main storyline 2-2.

The Gabble Suppression War awards you with a ticket for entering The Death Game. TDG puts you in a large area under the effect of Chaos Zone, and your target is to accumulate 30 Death Game Points by defeating certain buffed up enemies within a time limit of four hours.

If you happen to complete this challenge, you will receive a Dragon Garb. However, if you do not wish to do that, you can always search around the area and collect as many Soul Seeds as you want.

After the four hours’ time limit, you will fail the game and will be thrown out of the dungeon. However, you can always restart the dungeon and start collecting again. Note that your previously accumulated Soul Seeds will not go wasted.

The Four Bridges

You will come across a bridge that interconnects all the four locations of the game. Head there anytime between 9TH and 13TH day and you will see that a Chaos Zone spawns way too frequently; giving you an excellent opportunity to farm some Soul Seeds.

In addition to this, the enemies which spawn there grant you as much as 4+ GP per defeat. There is, however, a little catch that you must fulfill the requirements for Globetrotter in order to get the Chaos Zone.

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