Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Infinite Money Farming Guide

Gils are all I need. Money is something which can even make Hard Mode look like a joke. Over the course of days, people have been trying to find a workaround to get infinite money and finally someone has accomplished this task.

Killing Cactuars
This exploit was discovered by Neo Wild Seven HD and it grants you pretty decent amount of Gils. This trick involves killing Cactuars at a beach which will provide you with 200,000 Gils within an hour without wasting any of the game’s days.

Note that in the end, you will run out of Cactuars because their extinction will take place.

Yusnaan Highway
Another Exploit requires you to go the Lost Highway in Yusnaan. You will see a Dark Cloud there from 04:00 AM to 06:00 AM. In this Dark Cloud, infinite monster will spawn which will provide you with 15,000 Gil per monster. On Hard Mode, you will receive much more amount and one EP per kill so that you do not waste any time.

Note that the videos in discussion are made on the Japanese version of the game. Furthermore, the exploits were working at the time of writing, future updates/patches can fix them.

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