Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Head Accessories Locations ‘Expert Craftsman Guide

Expert Craftsman and Novice Craftsman are two bronze trophies in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Novice Craftsman requires you to upgrade one of your accessories whereas, Expert Craftsman requires you to upgrade at least 30 of your accessories.

If you are planning on earning a platinum trophy for this game, Expert Craftsman is the most difficult one because it requires you to complete the game more than twice, find different accessories, and beat down all bosses.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Expert Craftsman

How to Earn Expert Craftsman

Your roadmap for this Trophy starts after you completing the game once. You need to find at least 30 accessories in your first playthrough and you while playing the New Game Plus, you must find those 30 accessories again; to upgrade them.

In case you were unable to find 30 accessories during your first playthrough, it might take you two or three playthrough to upgrade them.

And while we are talking about upgrading accessories, note that there are two types of accessories; Head and Arm.

Out of these two, only Head accessories can be upgraded. If you come across an Arm accessory, you will not get the option to upgrade it. Instead of it, you will get a bunch of Gils.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Head Accessories Locations

In total, there are about 49 head accessories in the game. Out of these 49, 31 can be found in the game, and 18 can be equipped after defeating certain bosses. Furthermore, some of these accessories require you to open up special Treasure Boxes, which take a few GP.

Refer to all these locations and bosses below that will grant you with all the needed accessories for this Trophy:


  • Fighter Sign
  • Magician Symbol
  • Zirconia Brooch
  • Wind-Resistant Collar
  • Samurai Comb
  • Soldier’s Feather Pin


  • Wolf’s Emblem
  • Promise Choker
  • Rocket Pendant (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Corundum Hairpin
  • Demon’s Earring
  • Gladiator’s Earring (You will need 2 GP to open this)
  • Soldier Tie
  • Mind’s Eye Circlet
  • Ice-Resistant Collar

The Wildlands

  • Devilish Crest
  • Witch’s Rosario
  • Thunder-Resistant Collar
  • Soul of Samasa (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Mage Turban
  • Fire-Resistant Collar
  • Tetra Coronet

The Dead Dunes

  • Corsair Bandana
  • Silk Scarf (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Fairy’s Veil
  • Silver Barrette
  • Guard’s Clavier
  • Satin Scrunchie
  • Cursed Choker
  • Swallow Comb
  • Gale Hair Ornament

Accessories from Bosses

  • Falcon Charm – Aeronite
  • Ghost Hood – Story Quest 2-3 Boss
  • Ghoul Hood – Story Quest 4-5 Boss
  • Early-Blooming Corsage – Gorgonopsid Omega
  • Fighter’s Hachikane – Sabotender Omega
  • Wilderness Crest – Goblin Omega
  • Devilish Crest – Gremlin Omega
  • Grand Dragon Scale – Gabble Omega
  • Phantom Dragon Scale – Megabble Omega
  • Fire Death Magatama – Zaltis Omega
  • Ice Death Magatama – Puchinero Omega
  • Thunder Death Magatama – Masurao Omega
  • Wind Death Magatama – Zomok Omega
  • Skeleton Earring – Rafflesia Omega
  • Warrior’s Hunting Mask – Triffid Omega
  • Demon’s Hunting Mask – Schledinger Omega
  • Grudge Mashada – Desert Sahagin Omega
  • Warm Shawl – Grangatch Omega

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