Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Globetrotter Guide

Make the world one in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII by connecting the four continents with a single bridge. Doing so will net you Globetrotter Bronze Trophy.

This Trophy is pretty straight forward and all you need to do is to construct a bridge. While playing the game on 9TH day, you will receive three novel requests on the Canvas of Prayers. These three requests are:

  • Opening the Great Road #1
  • Opening the Great Road #2
  • Opening the Great Road #3

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Globetrotter

Opening a Great Road requires about two Key Items, and this will interconnect the four locations of the game. With all inter-mingled locations, you will be able to travel to other locations via road instead of using Monorail.

Furthermore, at a certain day, the intersection point of four continents start becoming a Chaos Zone way too often; providing you with a perfect opportunity to farm those Soul Seeds, which can then help you farm Elixirs.

For more details on farming Soul Seeds and Elixir, check out my Soul Seeds Farming and Elixir Farming Guide.

Great Road #1
The first thing that you need to do is to accept the side-quest from the billboard. This will provide you with a Key Item which is crucial for gaining other two items. The other two Key Items that you need for building up this road can be found at the Bridge Gates of Luxerion and The Wildlands.

Great Road #2
The two Key Items which are required for constructing this Great Road can be located in The Wildlands (Aries Hill, Base of the Tower) and The Dead Dunes (Oasis Lighthouse).

Great Road #3
The Key Items required for the third and the final road can be found in Yusnaan (Underground Passage) and The Dead Dunes.

Once you have completed these roads, the awards you will get for these are known as Uldah, Griania, and Limsa Lomisa camo Swords and Shields. A clear reference to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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