Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Chocobo’s Savior Guide

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the Chocobo’s Savior is a Hidden/Bronze Trophy which requires you to find a Holy Chocobo and nurse it back to maximum health.

Finding a Holy Chocobo is not at all a daunting task as you will stumble upon one, ‘Angel of Valhalla’ in the main Story Mode Quest 3-1.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ‘The Chocobo’s Savior

Once you have acquired the Chocobo, the rest of your task is pretty simple! Just recover it to its maximum health.

And this is not only for the sake of the Trophy as after getting a little better, the Chocobo will start fighting alongside you and assist you in fierce battles.

In addition to this, you will also be able to ride it to be farthest of the distances, but it will require more health. And I almost forgot the primary question; how to recover its health? Well, it is quite simple, isn’t it? Feed it!

Chocobo’s Food

There are a number of food sources available for our beloved Chocobo. Try to find all of these for a speedy recovery and Trophy:

Gysahl Green
Head over to Compass Farm and talk to Sarara to receive one Gysahl Green for your Chocobo. However, one is certainly not enough! So get back to her and talk to her again.

This will lead you to, ‘A Daughter’s Thoughts, a Father’s Wishes’ side-quest.

To complete this quest, you need to head into the Jagd Forest and talk to a man standing there. However, before you begin your dialogue with the man, try to roam around a bit and look for seeds for Gysahl Green; there will be a whole lot of them.

You just need to return 4 of these seeds to Sarara and keep the remaining ones for yourself. Once you have done that, return to her and complete the side-quest. Now you can cultivate these seeds and get more Gysahl Green for your Chocobo.

To get some Milk for your Chocobo, you need to head into the Compass Farm and talk to the man there to receive one unit of Milk.

In addition to this, Milk can also be obtained from the side-quest called ‘Stray Sheep. This is a simple side-quest which involves herding a flock of sheep to a certain location.

‘Stray Sheep’ can be obtained from Aries Hill between 06:00 to 18:00.

Once again, head over to Compass Farm and talk to the Head Hunter at the entrance of the farm. The Head Hunter
will provide you with one Choconamin to feed to your creature.

Some more of these can be cooked by a doctor in Jagd Forest if you bring her some Chocobo Mushrooms and Slug Sweets. Both ingredients can be found in abundance between 06:00 and 18:00 in the forest.

Yule Flowers
Head over to the Jagd Forest and talk to the Nadie there and begin ‘Chocobo Encouragement’ side-quest.

This requires you to set out and find a Yule Flower to feed it to your Chocobo. There will be four Yule Flowers in the Wild lands. The closest one will be located at your immediate right at the point where you defeated Chocobo Eater.

Other than this, you can refer to my Key Items Locations Guide and know where to find the Yule Flowers with relative ease.

Feed all of these things to your Chocobo and you will receive the Trophy in no time.

Share your own feeding tips with us in the comments below!

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