Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Cheats, Secrets and Exploits

Gaming community always finds a way exploit game’s system, creating, among other things, nearly indestructible character builds, and a number of interesting secrets hidden in the world of Nova Crystallis.

We are going to highlight some of the best cheats and exploits of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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Invincible Character Builds
If you choose proper outfitting, it is a possibility that you will be able to adjust two Schemata with invincibility. One schema will be 100% resistant to physical attacks, the other 100% invulnerable to magical attacks.

By switching between them in combat, a player can create a situation where they are almost resistant to most of the damage.

  • Physical Invincible Scheme Build

If you want achieve the Physical Resistance, you just need to have Garb Cyber Jumpsuit with two accessories Ghostly Hood and Guard Glove and you are set to go.

  • Magically Invincible Scheme Build

If you want to achieve the Magical Resistance, you will need Garb Quiet Guardian with two accessories Preta Hood and Runic Ring.

However, there are few drawbacks of these builds. First of all, they both are structured around hoods which reduce the player’s own attack power to nearly zero in both Physical and Magic Damage. The player is forced to equip only one effective damage dealing schema.

Secondly, the character will stay vulnerable to attacks after a powerful Debuff. Nonetheless, if applied properly and with patience, almost all the enemies will fall to this setup.

The Rare Store
This rare store appears at random places at different times. The Store appears as a human figure marked Forge (Rare). Approaching and speaking opens the store interface. The hidden store offers a number of unique and powerful items, including very powerful Garbs.

There is currently one confirmed location of the rare store; it is at the south end of the Pilgrim’s Causeway in Luxerion, on Day 10 around Midnight. If you have found this rare store at any other place, let us know in your comments.

Final Day Exploit
The penalty for escaping from combat in Lightning Returns is attached to lost hours. However, since The Final Day has no time, players can retreat from Final Day battles without any consequence.

Any non-scripted battle can be fled, and the enemy will disappear when Lightning returns to the map. Fleeing during a scripted battle only sends Lightning back to the last Checkpoint.

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