Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Aeronite Desert Dragonslayer Guide

Desert Dragonslayer is another Hidden/Gold Trophy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which involves searching and killing optional boss – Aeronite, roaming in the Dead Dunes.

Before you jump in order to get your Platinum Trophy, let me warn you!

Aeronite is easily the most difficult boss you will encounter in the game. However, with a lot of leveling up and practice, you will certainly defeat him.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Aeronite Desert Dragonslayer

How to make Aeronite Spawn

Aeronite appears on the 7TH day of the game in the Dead Dunes and keeps on roaming the area in the anti-clockwise direction. Due to the fact that he keeps on moving, you will find him at different places at different intervals of time.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you will have a limited time frame. And it is very crucial that you defeat Aeronite within this time frame, otherwise it will fly away and respawn at a later time.

What makes Aeronite so much difficult are a bunch of his special abilities which can even deal up to 10,000 units of damage. With so much damage, you can expect to die with a single blow.

Other than this, this boss uses a bunch of –Ga level spells and Ultimate Magic such as Freeze. At the very beginning of the battle, you will not be able to do considerable amounts of damage and you must knock him out 2-3 times to deal a good amount of damage.

Before heading into the battle, I would recommend beginning the game on New Game Plus and have more than 3,000 Attack and Magic damage, at least 8 GP, and 10 Item Slots. Have a couple of Potions, Phoenix Downs, Elixir, Ether, and something like Hero Medicine.

As for your Schemata, you must have Fira equipped. Other than this, De-Shell and De-Protect are must-have. And finally, try to have Fog/Pain resistant and you are good to go.

How to Defeat Aeronite
You must bring in the first knock out as soon as possible to start dealing some damage. I would even recommend using your first Overclock early in the battle to carry out the knock out.

When it comes to Magic Attacks, using Fira is your best bet. Along with Fira, try to induce a combination of De-Protect and De-Shell which will prove to be immensely helpful.

Just as your hit the last Knock out Phase, immediately use your Hero Medicine and go into Overclock state and start spamming him with Artemis Pierce.

This is where your Ethers will come to aid! You must keep the Overclock going on and do not provide him with a chance of retaliating. I am sure you will defeat him in no time by following these steps.

But, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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