Lighter Incident Ends With Streamer Setting Her Hair On Fire

A lighter incident that was thankfully taken care of before it could really get bad earned a French streamer a bit of a laugh, after her casually playing with a lighter while playing League of Legends caused her to accidentally set her hair on fire. Thankfully, the streamer wasn’t hurt.

The streamer in question, AnaPlaying, had the incident happen to her while she was playing a game of League of Legends. While both playing the game one-handed and speaking to her chat, Ana was also flicking a lighter on and off, eventually getting it too close to her hair and setting it on fire. Thankfully, despite not noticing at first, she quickly realized what she’d done and put the flames out.

Considering that most of the time streamers have to have their attention on the games and chat in order to interact with them, various incidents on stream aren’t uncommon. When it’s not swatting (a practice where a troll calls the police and “informs” them that there’s a crime in progress at the streamer’s house) or a streamer being scared while playing a horror game, it’s things like a lighter incident making them casually set their hair on fire.

Thankfully, Ana wasn’t hurt during the incident, and even laughs it off, apparently being more concerned about how she lit her hair on fire in front of her whole audience. With luck she’ll put the lighter away when streaming from now on, especially since, if she hadn’t noticed faster, it might have been too late.

The lighter incident thankfully hasn’t stopped Anna from streaming, so if you can speak French, why not go check out her channel on Twitch? And, to all of you other aspiring streamers out there, remember to both be aware of what you’re doing, and to not flick lighters near your hair.