Life Is Strange 3 Leak Supposedly Reveals New Powers

Following several rumors, a new Life is Strange 3 game will finally be announced by publisher Square Enix in the coming days. Some details about the new installment however have apparently already found their way online.

According to a leak posted on ResetEra on the weekend, the main character of Life is Strange 3 will be a bisexual Asian American named Alex who has the ability to read and control emotions of others. Alex can, for example, control someone suffering from dementia to gather information.

The leak further claimed that Life is Strange 3 will feature “big animation and visual improvements” and find its compelling narrative unfold in a Midwestern town similar to Arcadia Bay from the first game. The new installment will also have several references to both prior installments, suggesting that there will be some kind of common ground to connect prior narratives.

Finally, with Alex being bisexual, players will have access to two romance options based on their choices.

Square Enix Presents, a new digital showcasing, will take place on March 18, 2021. Square Enix has already confirmed that the upcoming showcasing will feature “the world premiere of the next game in the critically acclaimed series, where you will meet a new protagonist with a fascinating new power.”

Life is Strange 3 was already confirmed last month through a well-known insider. Square Enix is said to actually be sitting on several announcements which have been pushed ahead from last year due to the pandemic and resulting global lockdowns. The publisher is expected to start a series of reveals from here on

Life is Strange 2, the last installment in the franchise, was released in late 2019. The game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment which went on to work on another episodic narrative adventure Tell Me Why, as well as Twin Mirror, in 2020.

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